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A Multi-Laboratory Investigation of Drug Background Levels

September 9, 2019
Edward R. Sisco, Marcela N. Najarro
Identifying, quantifying, and analyzing the drug background in operational environments such as forensic laboratories is an emerging body of research. Understanding these levels can provide critical information to address issues like occupational exposure

Understanding the Impact of Drug Background Levels in Forensic Laboratories

August 13, 2019
Edward Sisco, Marcela N. Najarro, Amber Burns, Robert Kirkby
As drugs become increasingly potent and analytical instrumentation becomes more sensitive, the need to understand and monitor drug background levels is becoming imperative. Background monitoring is commonplace in many other industries but has been largely

A Standards and Measurement Infrastructure for Calibration, Verification and Optimization of Trace Explosives Detection Systems

April 15, 2019
John G. Gillen, Jennifer R. Verkouteren, R M. Verkouteren, Marcela N. Najarro, Edward R. Sisco, Matthew E. Staymates, Jessica L. Staymates, Robert A. Fletcher, Jeffrey A. Lawrence, Elizabeth L. Robinson, Alexander T. Bulk, Joseph A. Bennett, Shinichiro Muramoto, Thomas P. Forbes
Current national priorities in homeland security have led to an unprecedented level of utilization of explosives trace detection (ETD) systems for counterterrorism and law enforcement. Despite the widespread deployment of ETD instruments at airports

A Method for Measuring the Quantity of Drugs on Surfaces in a Forensic Laboratory

September 19, 2018
Edward R. Sisco, Marcela N. Najarro, Amber Burns
While background studies have been commonplace in many occupational fields for a long time, attempts to understand the chemical background in forensics labs has been largely understudied. However, given the increasing sensitivity of instrumentation and

Quantifying Stability of Trace Explosives under Different Environmental Conditions

April 1, 2017
Edward R. Sisco, Marcela N. Najarro, Daniel V. Samarov, Jeffrey A. Lawrence
This work investigates the stability of trace deposits of six explosives (ETN, PETN, RDX, HMX, TNT, and Tetryl) to determine environmental stabilities and lifetimes. Explosives were inkjet printed directly onto PTFE coated fiberglass substrates and exposed

Particle Fabrication Using Inkjet Printing onto Hydrophobic Surfaces for Optimization and Calibration of Trace Contraband Detection Sensors

November 24, 2015
John G. Gillen, Marcela N. Najarro, Matthew E. Staymates, Scott A. Wight, Marlon L. Walker, Jennifer R. Verkouteren, Eric S. Windsor, Aaron A. Urbas
A method has been developed to fabricate patterned arrays of micrometer-sized monodisperse solid particles of ammonium nitrate on hydrophobic silicon surfaces using inkjet printing. The method relies on dispensing one or more microdrops (typically 50 pL

Application of Inkjet Printing Technology to Produce Test Materials of 1,3,5-Trinitro-1,3,5 Triazcyclohexane for Trace Explosive Analysis

October 15, 2010
Eric S. Windsor, Marcela N. Najarro, Anna N. Bloom, Bruce A. Benner Jr, Robert A. Fletcher, John G. Gillen, Richard Lareau, Inho Cho, Mike Boldmand
The feasibility of using piezoelectric drop-on-demand inkjet printing to prepare test materials for trace explosive analysis is demonstrated. Both pure high explosives and plastic-bonded putty explosives were formulated into inkjet printable solutions and