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A Standards and Measurement Infrastructure for Calibration, Verification and Optimization of Trace Explosives Detection Systems

April 15, 2019
John G. Gillen, Jennifer R. Verkouteren, R M. Verkouteren, Marcela N. Najarro, Edward R. Sisco, Matthew E. Staymates, Jessica L. Staymates, Robert A. Fletcher, Jeffrey A. Lawrence, Elizabeth L. Robinson, Alexander T. Bulk, Joseph A. Bennett, Shinichiro Muramoto, Thomas P. Forbes
Current national priorities in homeland security have led to an unprecedented level of utilization of explosives trace detection (ETD) systems for counterterrorism and law enforcement. Despite the widespread deployment of ETD instruments at airports

Rapid Detection of Fentanyl, Fentanyl Analogues, and Opioids for on-Site or Laboratory Based Drug Seizure Screening using Thermal Desorption DART-MS and Ion Mobility Spectrometry

April 27, 2017
Edward Sisco, Jennifer R. Verkouteren, Jessica L. Staymates, Jeffrey Lawrence
Fentanyl and fentanyl analogues represent a current and emerging threat in the United States as pure illicit narcotics and as cutting agents with heroin. Because of their extreme potency, methods to safely and rapidly detect these compounds are of high

Biomimetic Sniffing with an Artificial Dog’s Nose Leads to Improvements in Vapor Sampling and Detection

December 1, 2016
Matthew E. Staymates, William A. MacCrehan, Jessica L. Staymates, John G. Gillen, Brent Craven, Rod Kunz, Ted Mendum, Ta-Hsuan Ong
This work presents fluid flow visualization studies and chemical detection experiments using an 3D printed anatomically-correct biomimetic canine nose from a female Labrador retriever. Schlieren imaging, high-speed videography, along with flow

The effect of reusing wipes for particle collection

November 4, 2015
Jessica L. Staymates, Matthew E. Staymates, Jeffrey A. Lawrence
This work addresses the need for a method to measure the collection efficiency performance of surface wipe materials as a function of wipe reuse number. The primary purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of wipe reuse, i.e. the number of times

Development of a Chemically Relevant Artificial Fingerprint Material

September 16, 2015
Edward Sisco, Jessica L. Staymates, Katherine Schilling, John Gillen
The development of a chemically relevant artificial fingerprint material as well as a preliminary method for fingerprint deposition is discussed herein. More specifically the improvement of an artificial sweat material, an artificial sebaceous material

Method for combined biometric and chemical analysis of human fingerprints

June 2, 2014
Jessica L. Staymates, Shahram Orandi, Matthew E. Staymates, John G. Gillen
This paper describes a method for combining direct chemical analysis of latent fingerprints with subsequent biometric analysis within a single sample. The method described here uses ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) as a chemical detection method for

A streamlined, high-volume particle impactor for trace chemical analysis

August 1, 2013
Matthew E. Staymates, Jessica L. Staymates, Jerold Bottiger, Deborah Schepers
The design and characterization of a streamlined, high-volume particle impactor used for trace chemical analysis is presented. The impactor has a single round jet and is designed to operate at a flow rate of 1000 LPM. Computational fluid dynamics was used

Chemically Modifiable Fluorinated Copolymer Nanoparticles for 19F MRI Contrast Enhancement

December 27, 2012
Jessica L. Staymates, Mark M. Bailey, Steven R. Kline, Michael D. Anderson, Cory Berkland
Recently there has been interest in developing imaging contrast media for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that contain biologically rare, magnetically active nuclei such as fluorine. In principle, fluorinated contrast agents can be used to generate highly

Production and Characterization of Polymer Microspheres Containing Trace Explosives Using Precision Particle Fabrication Technology

August 2, 2010
Matthew E. Staymates, Robert A. Fletcher, Jessica L. Staymates, John G. Gillen, Cory Berkland
Well characterized test materials are essential for validating the performance of current trace explosive detection systems. These test materials must replicate trace explosive contamination in the form of small particles with characteristic diameters in

Automated Mapping of Explosives Particles in Composition C-4 Fingerprints

March 1, 2010
Jennifer R. Verkouteren, Jessica L. Staymates, Inho Cho
A method is described to perform automated mapping of RDX particles in C-4 fingerprints. The method employs polarized light microscopy and image analysis to map the entire fingerprint and the distribution of RDX particles. The approach is relatively quick

Method to Determine Collection Efficiency of Particles by Swipe Sampling

September 1, 2008
Jennifer R. Verkouteren, Jessica L. Staymates, Robert A. Fletcher, Wayne Smith, George A. Klouda, John G. Gillen
A methodology was developed to evaluate particle collection efficiencies from swipe sampling of trace residues. Swipe sampling is used for many applications where trace residues must be collected, including the evaluation of radioactive particle