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Unravelled and Glassy Magnetism in PbFe 1/2 Nb 1/2 O 3 - (2) Neutron Scattering

October 11, 2022
C. Stock, B. Roessli, Peter M. Gehring, Jose Rodriguez Rivera, N. Giles-Donovan, S. Cochran, Guangyong Xu, P. Manuel, M. J. Gutmann, William D. Ratcliff, T. Fennell, Y. Su, X. Li, H. Luo
We apply neutron scattering to investigate the magnetism in the relaxor ferroelectric PbFe1/2Nb1/2O3 (PFN). Similar to the lack of spatially long-range ferroelectric order in prototypical relaxors like Pb(Mg,Zn)1/3Nb2/3O3 (PMN and PZN), spatially long

Revealing the Symmetry of Materials through Neutron Diffraction

June 12, 2022
William D. Ratcliff
Magnetic materials are used in many devices in everyday life. To control their properties, we must first understand how they are ordered. This can be accomplished through neutron diffraction measurements. However, in many cases, there are too many

A Semi-Supervised Approach for Automatic Crystal Structure Classification

November 1, 2021
Satvik Lolla, Haotong Liang, A. Gilad Kusne, Ichiro Takeuchi, William D. Ratcliff
The structural solution problem can be a daunting and time consuming task. Especially in the presence of impurity phases, current methods such as indexing become more unstable. In this work, we apply the novel approach of semi-supervised learning towards

Magnetic Field-Induced Non-Trivial Electronic Topology in Fe 3-x GeTe 2

October 7, 2021
Juan Macy, Danilo Ratkovski, Purnima P. Balakrishnan, Mara Strungaru, Yu-Che Chiu, Aikaterini Flessa, Alex Moon, Wenkai Zheng, Ashley Weiland, Gregory T. McCandless, Julia Y. Chan, Govind S. Kumar, Michael Shatruk, Alexander Grutter, Julie Borchers, William D. Ratcliff, Eun S. Choi, Elton J. Santos, Luis Balicas
The anomalous Hall, Nernst and thermal Hall coefficients of the itinerant ferromagnet Fe3−xGeTe2 display several features upon cooling, like a reversal in the Nernst signal below T = 50 K pointing to a topological transition possibly associated to the

Magnetic Ordering and Structural Distortion in PrFeAsO Single Crystal Studied by Neutron and X-ray Scattering

May 5, 2021
M. G. Kim, William D. Ratcliff, D. M. Pajerowski, J.-W. Kim, J.-Q. Yan, Jeffrey W. Lynn, A. I. Goldman, A. Kreyssig
We report the magnetic ordering and structural distortion in PrFeAsO crystals, the basis compound for one of the oxypnictide superconductors, using high-resolution x-ray diffraction, neutron diffraction, and x-ray resonant magnetic scattering (XRMS). We

Control of Magnetoelectric Coupling in the Co 2 Y-Type Hexaferrites

March 16, 2021
Chang B. Park, Kwang W. Shin, Sae H. Chun, Jun H. Lee, Yoon S. Oh, Steven M. Disseler, Colin A. Heikes, William D. Ratcliff, Woo-Suk Noh, Jae-Hoon Park, Kee H. Kim
We comprehensively investigated the magnetic, ferroelectric, and ME properties of Ba2-xSrxCo2(Fe1-yAly)12O22 single crystals in broad doping ranges of Sr (1.0 less than or equal to} x less than or equal to} 1.8) and Al (0.00 less than or equal to} y less

Kitaev Interactions in the Co Honeycomb Antiferromagnets Na 3 Co 2 SbO 6 and Na 2 Co 2 TeO 6

December 24, 2020
M. Songvilay, J. Robert, Jose Rodriguez Rivera, William D. Ratcliff, F. Damay, V. Baledent, M. Jimenez-Ruiz, P. Lejay, E. Pachoud, A. Hadj-Azzem, V. Simonet, C. Stock
Co2+ ions in an octahedral crystal field, stabilize a jeff = 1⁄2 ground state with an orbital degree of freedom and and have been recently put forward for realising Kitaev interactions, a prediction that we have tested by investigating spin dynamics in two

Evolution of the Magnetic Properties in the Antiferromagnet Ce 2 RhIn 8 Simultaneously Doped with Cd and Ir

November 20, 2020
D. S. Christovam, G. S. Freitas, M. M. Piva, J. C. Souza, M. O. Malcolms, O. L. Canton, Juscelino Leao, William D. Ratcliff, Jeffrey W. Lynn, C. Adriano, P. G. Pagliuso
We report the evolution of the magnetic properties of Ce2Rh1−xIrxIn8−yCdy single crystals. In particular, for Ce2Rh0.5Ir0.5In8 (TN = 2.0 K) and Ce2Rh0.5Ir0.5In7.79Cd0.21 (TN = 4.2 K), we have solved the magnetic structure of these compounds using single

Large Exchange Splitting in Monolayer Graphene Magnetized by an Antiferromagnet

September 30, 2020
Yingying Wu, Gen Yin, Lei Pan, Alexander Grutter, Quanjun Pan, Albert Lee, Dustin A. Gilbert, Julie A. Borchers, William D. Ratcliff, Ang Li, Xiao-dong Han, Kang L. Wang
Spin splitting in graphene has been identified as a key component for unlocking multifunctionality with low dissipation and long-distance spin transport. Magnetic proximity effects are an extremely promising route to realizing exchange splitting in

Termination Switching of Antiferromagnetic Proximity Effect in Topological Insulator

August 12, 2020
Chao-Yao Yang, Lei Pan, Alexander Grutter, Haiying Wang, Xiaoyu Che, Qing L. He, Yingying Wu, Dustin A. Gilbert, Padraic Shafer, Elke Arenholz, Hao Wu, Gen Yin, Peng Deng, Julie Borchers, William D. Ratcliff, Kang L. Wang
The magnetic proximity effect (MPE) allows exchange-coupling of topological insulators (TIs) with magnetically ordered materials to break time-reversal-symmetry and open a gap in the Dirac-cone surface state, with the goal of realizing quantum anomalous

Magnetic Phase Transitions and Spin Density Distribution in the Molecular Multiferroic System GaV 4 S 8

July 7, 2020
Rebecca L Dally, William D. Ratcliff, Lunyong Zhang, Heung-Sik Kim, Markus NMN Bleuel, J. W. Kim, Kristjan Haule, David Vanderbilt, Sang-Wook Cheong, Jeffrey W. Lynn
We have carried out neutron diffraction and small angle neutron scattering measurements on a high quality single crystal of the cubic lacunar spinel multiferroic, GaV4S8, as a function of magnetic field and temperature to determine the magnetic form factor

Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Stoichiometric CeAuBi 2

June 18, 2020
M. M. Piva, R. Tartaglia, G. S. Freitas, J. C. Souza, D. S. Christovam, S. M. Thomas, Juscelino Leao, William D. Ratcliff, Jeffrey W. Lynn, C. Lane, J.-X Zhu, J. D. Thompson, P. F. S. Rosa, C. Adriano, E. Granado, P. G. Pagliuso
We report the electronic and magnetic properties of stoichiometric CeAuBi2 single crystals. At ambient pressure, CeAuBi2 orders antiferromagnetically below a Neel temperature (TN ) of 19 K. Neutron diffraction experiments revealed an antiferromagnetic

Ferromagnetism in van der Waals Compound MnSb 1.8 Bi 0.2 Te 4

June 11, 2020
Yangyang Chen, Ya-Wen Chuang, Seng Huat Lee, Yanglin Zhu, Kevin Honz, Yingdong Guan, Yu Wang, Ke Wang, Zhiqiang Mao, Jun Zhu, Colin A. Heikes, Patrick Quarterman, P. Zajdel, Julie Borchers, William D. Ratcliff
The intersection of topology and magnetism represent a new playground to discover novel quantum phenomena and new device concepts. In this work, we show that a van der Waals compound MnSb1.8 Bi0.2Te4 exhibits a ferromagnetic ground state with a Curie

Spin Rotation Induced by Applied Pressure in Cd-Doped Ce 2 RhIn 8 Intermetallic Compound

October 21, 2019
D. S. Christovam, C. Giles, L. Mendonca-Ferreira, Juscelino Leao, William D. Ratcliff, Jeffrey W. Lynn, S. Ramos, E. N. Hering, H. Hidaka, E. Baggio-Saitovich, Z. Fisk, P. G. Pagliuso, C. Adriano
The pressure evolution of the magnetic properties of the Ce2RhIn7.79Cd0.21 heavy fermion compound was investigated by single crystal neutron magnetic diffraction and electrical resistivity experiments under applied pressure. From the neutron magnetic

Anharmonic Acoustic Phonons and A-site Critical Fluctuations in the Lead Halide Perovskite CsPbBr 3

September 17, 2019
M. Songvilay, Nathan Giles-Donovan, M. Bari, Z.-G. Ye, J. L. Minns, M. A. Green, Guangyong Xu, Peter M. Gehring, K. Schmalzl, William D. Ratcliff, Craig Brown, D. Chernyshov, W. van Beek, Sandy Cochran, Christopher Stock
We apply neutron spectroscopy to investigate the transverse acoustic phonons in the lead halide CsPbBr3 near the three zone boundaries of the cubic Pm3m Brillouin zone at QX = (2,1/2,0), QM = (3/2,1/2,0), and QR = (1/2,1/2,3/2). CsPbBr3 undergoes two

Spin Scattering and Noncollinear Spin Structure-Induced Intrinsic Anomalous Hall Effect in Antiferromagnetic Topological Insulator MnBi 2 Te 4

August 19, 2019
Seng Huat Lee, Yanglin Zhu, Yu Wang, Leixin Miao, Timothy Pillsbury, Hemian Yi, Susan Kempinger, Jin Hu, Colin A. Heikes, Patrick Quarterman, William D. Ratcliff, Julie Borchers, Heda Zhang, Xianglin Ke, David Graf, Nasim Alem, Cui-Zu Chang, Nitin Samarth, Zhiqiang Mao
MnBi2Te4 has recently been established as an intrinsic antiferromagnetic (AFM) topological insulator - an ideal platform to create quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) insulator and axion insulator states. We performed comprehensive studies on the structure

Modification of Spin-Ice Physics in Ho 2 Ti 2 O 7 Thin Films

August 16, 2019
Kevin Barry, Biwen Zhang, Naween Anand, Yan Xin, Arturas Vailionis, Jennifer Neu, Colin A. Heikes, Charis Cochran, Haidong Zhou, Yiming Qiu, William D. Ratcliff, Theo Siegrist, Christianne Beekman
We report on a study of the structural and magnetic properties of strained Ho2Ti2O7 thin films. Structural characterization via synchrotron x-ray diffraction confirms good crystallinity of our films and shows a critical thickness slightly below 50 nm

Ordered Magnetism in the Intrinsically Decorated j eff = 1/2 a-CoV 3 O 8

December 6, 2018
P. M. Sarte, A. M. Arevalo-Lopez, M. Songvilay, D. Le, T. Guidi, V. Garcia-Sakai, S. Mukhopadhyay, S. C. Capelli, William D. Ratcliff, K. H. Hong, G. M. McNally, E. Pachoud, J. P. Attfield, C. Stock
The zero field structural and dynamic properties of the mixed valence ternary oxide α-CoV3O8 has been investigated using a combination of diffraction, DC susceptibility and inelastic neutron scattering measurements. The low temperature magnetic properties

reductus: A Stateless Python Data-Reduction Service with a Browser Frontend

October 1, 2018
Brian B. Maranville, William D. Ratcliff, Paul A. Kienzle
The online data reduction service reductus transforms measurements in experimental science from laboratory coordinates into physically meaningful quantities with accurate estimation of uncertainties based on instrumental settings and properties. This

Fe 2 MnGe: A Hexagonal Heusler Analogue

August 20, 2018
S. Keshavarz, N. Naghibolashrafi, Michelle E. Jamer, K. Vinson, D. Mazumdar, Cindi L. Dennis, William D. Ratcliff, Julie Borchers, A. Gupta, P. LeClair
Fe2MnGe is a potential half-metallic full-Heusler L21 ferromagnetic compound with large spin polarization (approximately equal}97%) useful for various spintronic applications according to our first principles calculations using density functional theory