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Milligram mass metrology using an electrostatic force balance

Gordon A. Shaw, Julian Stirling, John A. Kramar, Alexander D. Moses, Patrick J. Abbott, Richard L. Steiner, Andrew D. Koffman, Jon R. Pratt, Zeina J. Kubarych
Although mass is typically defined within the International System of Units (SI) at the Kilogram level, the pending redefinition of the SI provides an

Balance Pan Damping Using Rings Of Tuned Sloshing Liquids

Edwin R. Williams, Darine El Haddad, V Generalova, Pierre Gournay, C. Hauch, F. Villar, Richard L. Steiner, Ruimin Liu
This paper describes a new method to damp out balance pan oscillations even when the balance is operated in vacuum. The key is to tune the wavelength of the

Hysteresis and Related Error Mechanisms in the NIST Watt Balance Experiment

J. Schwarz, Ruimin Liu, David B. Newell, Richard L. Steiner, Edwin R. Williams, Douglas T. Smith, A Erdemir, J Woodford
The NIST Watt Balance experiment is being completely rebuilt after its 1998 determination of the SI Volt and Planck's constant. That measurement yielded a

The NIST Watt Balance: Recent Results and Future Plans

David B. Newell, Richard L. Steiner, Edwin R. Williams
The last remaining SI base unit defined by an artifact is the kilogram. The NIST watt balance has been designed to measure the ratio of mechanical to electrical

The Next Generation of the NIST Watt Balance

David B. Newell, Richard L. Steiner, Edwin R. Williams, Alain Picard
Reduction in the total uncertainty of the NIST Watt Balance is limited by the present configuration of the experiment. Most of the major relative uncertainty

An Accurate Measurement of Planck's Constant

Edwin R. Williams, Richard L. Steiner, David B. Newell
Using a moving coil watt balance, electric power measured in terms of the Josephson and quantum Hall effects is compared with mechanical power measured in terms

Experimental Noise Sources in the NIST Watt Balance

Richard L. Steiner, David B. Newell, Edwin R. Williams
The present NIST Watt Balance has a relative combined standard uncertainty of about 145 nW/W. The final results of this phase of the experiment are presented

The NIST Electronic Kilogram

David B. Newell, K Fujii, A. D. Gillespie, P. T. Olsen, Alain Picard, Richard L. Steiner, Gerard N. Stenbakken, Edwin R. Williams