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Neutronics and Safety Studies on a Research Reactor Concept for Advanced Neutron Sources

July 17, 2017
Zeyun NMN Wu, Robert E. Williams, J. Michael Rowe, Thomas Henderson Newton, Sean O'Kelly
This paper presents the neutronics and thermal-hydraulics safety analysis results for an LEU-fueled research reactor concept being designed and studied at NIST. The main goal of the research reactor is to provide advanced neutron sources for scientific

Status of the Liquid Deuterium Cold Neutron Source for the NIST Research Reactor

April 28, 2016
Robert E. Williams, Michael Middleton, Paul Kopetka, J. Michael Rowe, Paul C. Brand
The NBSR is a 20 MW research reactor operated by the NIST Center for Neutron Researcher (NCNR) as a neutron source providing beams of thermal and cold neutrons for research in materials science, fundamental physics and nuclear chemistry. A large, 55 cm

Experimental Characterization of the Advanced Liquid Hydrogen Cold Neutron Source Spectrum of the NBSR Reactor at the NIST Center for Neutron Research

August 1, 2015
Jeremy C. Cook, John G. Barker, J. Michael Rowe, Robert E. Williams, Cedric V. Gagnon, Richard M. Lindstrom, Richard Michael Ibberson, Dan A. Neumann
The recent expansion of the NIST Center for Neutron Research facility has offered a rare opportunity to perform an accurate measurement of the cold neutron spectrum at the exit of a newly-installed neutron guide. Using a combination of a neutron time-of

Materials Research With Neutrons at NIST

February 1, 2001
Ronald L. Cappelletti, Charles J. Glinka, Susan T. Krueger, Richard M. Lindstrom, Jeffrey W. Lynn, Henry J. Prask, E Prince, John J. Rush, J. Michael Rowe, Sushil K. Satija, B H. Toby, A. Tsai, Terrence J. Udovic