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Descriptive Fractography on All-Ceramic Dental Crown Failures

October 12, 2021
Susanne Scherrer, Janet Quinn, George D. Quinn, HW A. Wiskott
Descriptive fractography has been applied to three dental ceramic crown failures for understanding the fracture process and assessing possible design inadequacies. In two cases, the original broken parts could be recovered for stereo and SEM analysis. In

Dynamic Compression Tests of Alumina Dumbbells Using a Spherical Joint

December 19, 2019
Richard Rhorer, George D. Quinn, Steven Mates
The dynamic compressive strength of ceramic armor materials is difficult to obtain experimentally due to the sensitivity of fracture strength to even small bending stresses. In this work we introduce a spherical joint into a compression Kolsky bar to

How Standards Help Bring New Materials to the Market

February 19, 2017
Stephen W. Freiman, George D. Quinn
This paper attempts to describe the importance of standards in helping to bring new materials to the market place. Using ceramic materials as an example, the different ways that standards can be important in the materials development process are outlined

Material properties and fractography of an Indirect Dental Resin Composite.

February 23, 2010
Janet B. Quinn, George D. Quinn
Objectives: Determination of material and fractographic properties of a dental indirect resin composite material. Methods: A resin composite (Paradigm, 3M-ESPE, MN) was characterized by strength, static elastic modulus, Knoop hardness, fracture toughness

A Standard Method for Measuring Wafer Bond Strength for MEMS Applications

December 23, 2008
Richard A. Allen, Janet M. Cassard, Winthrop A. Baylies, David T. Read, George D. Quinn, Frank W. DelRio, Kevin T. Turner, Michael Bernasch, Joerg Bagdahn
A round robin, to provide precision and bias data for SEMI standard MS5-1107, Test Method for Wafer Bond Strength Measurements Using Micro-Chevron Test Structures, in underway. The precision and bias data, combined with experience in applying the test

The Increasing Role of Fractography in the Dental Community

October 16, 2008
Janet Quinn, Susanne Scherrer, George D. Quinn
The development of new fabrication capabilities along with new alloys, polymers, composites and advanced ceramics has revolutionized many industries including the manufacture of dental restorations. The testing of dental materials has barely kept pace with

On the Vickers Indentation Fracture Toughness Test

January 4, 2007
George D. Quinn, Richard Bradt
The Vickers indentation fracture toughness test or VIF is addressed by considering its origins and the numerous equations that have been applied along with the technique to estimate the fracture resistance, or the KIc of ceramics. Initiation and

NIST Recommended Practice Guide: Fractography of Ceramics and Glasses

September 26, 2006
George D. Quinn
Fractography is a powerful but underutilized tool for the analysis of fractured glasses and ceramics. Fractography can identify the cause of failure and can even provide quantitative information about the loading conditions. The goal of this Guide is to

X-Ray Topography for Fractography of Single-Crystal Components

June 15, 2006
David R. Black, George D. Quinn
X-ray diffraction topography, which is sensitive to local strain and/or crystallographic orientation, provides a unique view of single-crystal samples both before and after fracture. It can find strength and performance limiting surface and subsurface

Fracture Strength of Silicon Carbide Microspecimens

October 1, 2005
W N. Sharpe, O Jadaan, G M. Beheim, George D. Quinn, N N. Nemeth
Micro silicon carbide tension specimen were prepared with straight, curved, and notched gage lengths. These were tested to failure and the strengths analyzed by Weibull statistics. Fractographic analysis confirmed that strength limiting flaws were etch

A Novel Test Method for Measuring Mechanical Properties at the Small-Scale: The Theta Specimen

June 9, 2005
George D. Quinn, Lin-Sien H. Lum, Dan Xiang, Ajitkumar Jillavenkatesa, Li Ma, Douglas T. Smith
A test method has been developed for measuring mechanical properties of material structures at the small-scale. Round or hexagonal rings are compressed vertically on their ends thereby creating a uniform tension stress in a horizontal crossbar that serves