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Dynamic Compression Tests of Alumina Dumbbells Using a Spherical Joint



Richard Rhorer, George D. Quinn, Steven P. Mates


The dynamic compressive strength of ceramic armor materials is difficult to obtain experimentally due to the sensitivity of fracture strength to even small bending stresses. In this work we introduce a spherical joint into a compression Kolsky bar to investigate whether the joint can alleviate bending stresses in compression tests on alumina dumbbell specimens. Tests are conducted both with and without the spherical joint, and high-speed (75,000 frames/s) 3D DIC is used to measure both the strain field on the dumbbell specimen and motion, if any, in the spherical joint. Results indicate that the spherical joint is extremely sensitive to eccentric loading and in most cases increases rather than decreases the bending stresses in the test, leading to lower apparent fracture strengths.
Proceedings Title
Proceeding of the Society for Experimental Mechanics 2019 Annual Meeting
Conference Dates
June 3-6, 2019
Conference Location
Reno, NV


Kolsky Bar, Dynamic Fracture Strength, Dumbbell Specimens, 3D DIC, High-Speed Video
Created December 19, 2019, Updated February 6, 2020