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March 11, 2020
Joseph B. Hubbard, Michael W. Halter, Anne L. Plant
The distribution of phenotypic responses within an isogenic population of cells reflects the thermodynamics of a stationary state that results from coordinated intracellular reactions. The distribution of phenotypes is the result of both deterministic and

Extracting Two Parameters From a P2 Orientation Distribution

February 19, 2017
Curtis Meuse, Joseph B. Hubbard
Individual molecules are seldom identical. This poses a problem for optical spectroscopy. For instance, if molecular property distributions are not characterized, differences in the distribution of molecular properties between sample and standards are

Nonparametric Estimates of Drift and Diffusion Profiles via Fokker-Planck Algebra

October 13, 2014
Steven P. Lund, Michael W. Halter, Joseph B. Hubbard
Diffusion processes superimposed upon deterministic motion play a key role in understanding and controlling the transport of matter, energy, momentum, and even information in physics, chemistry, material science, biology, and communications technology

Boltzmann's H-Function and Diffusion Processes

May 15, 2013
Steven P. Lund, Joseph B. Hubbard, Michael W. Halter
There exists a generalization of Boltzmann's $H$-function that allows for non-uniformly populated stationary states which may exist far from thermodynamic equilibrium. Here we describe a method for obtaining a generalized or collective diffusion

Cell volume distributions reveal cell growth rates and division times

March 7, 2009
Michael W. Halter, John T. Elliott, Joseph B. Hubbard, Alessandro Tona, Anne L. Plant
A population of cells in culture displays a range of phenotypic responses, even when those cells are derived from a single cell and are exposed to a homogeneous environment. Phenotypic variability can have a number of sources, including the variable rates

Analysis of Deformation-Induced Surface Morphologies in Steel Sheet

July 1, 2005
Mark R. Stoudt, Joseph B. Hubbard
The surfaces of strained mild steel sheet specimens were examined with scanning laser confocal microscopy. Rigorous assessments were employed to establish the form of the roughness data. The small deviations from the ideal conditions observed in these

Evolution of Deformation Induced Surface Morphologies Generated in Fe-based Sheet

March 1, 2005
Mark R. Stoudt, Joseph B. Hubbard, Stephen W. Banovic
The complex strain states that exist within a real metal stamping are likely to generate different surface morphologies when compared to the same level of plastic strain produced via single pass deformation. This study quantifies the surface morphology

Molecular Dynamics Study of the Surface Tension of a Binary Immiscible Fluid

February 1, 2004
V Simmons, Joseph B. Hubbard
The planar interface between two liquids having two degrees of affinity to mix has been studied by molecular dynamics simulations. The surface tension is calculated from the normal, P N, and transverse, P T, components of the pressure tensor P for a wide

Real-Time Measurement of Spontaneous Antigen-Antibody Dissociation

October 1, 2002
S Kulin, Rani B. Kishore, Joseph B. Hubbard, Kristian Helmerson
We report observation of real-time adhesion between a monoclonal IgE antibody and its specific DNP antigen. Both molecules are immobilized on the surfaces of different polystyrene microspheres trapped by optical tweezers. Monitoring spontaneous, thermally

Molecular Dynamics Study of Partial Monolayer Ordering of Chain Molecules

October 1, 2001
Raymond D. Mountain, Joseph B. Hubbard, Curtis W. Meuse, V Simmons
We present the results of a molecular dynamics study of a partial monolayer of self-assembled octadecanethiol molecules. The correlations between various statistical measures of surface induced chain ordering are examined. These include the density profile

Antibody-Antigen Adhesion Studies Using Optical Tweezers

January 1, 2001
S Kulin, Rani B. Kishore, Kristian Helmerson, Joseph B. Hubbard
Multivalent molecular adhesion processes play a key role in a wide variety of biological phenomena, such as immune response, infections, as well as cellular migration, communication, and differentiation. In many cases adhesion is mediated by interactions

Molecular Dynamics Study of Tethered Chains

March 1, 2000
Raymond D. Mountain, Joseph B. Hubbard, Curtis W. Meuse, V Simmons
The results of a series of molecular dynamics simulations of monolayer films formed by tethered, long chain molecules (octadecanthiol) are discussed. The emphasis is on the structure of the chains. The density profiles, the distribution of gauche defects