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Comparison of laser-based and monochromator-based thermodynamic temperature measurements

March 19, 2012
George P. Eppeldauer, Howard W. Yoon, Jorge E. Neira, Vladimir Khromchenko, Charles E. Gibson, Allan W. Smith
In this work, we describe the comparisons between the laser-based and monochromator-based radiance responsivity calibrations of a radiation thermometer. The spectral selection of the radiation thermometer is performed using a photopic-response filter which

SP250 Spectral Irradiance Calibrations

July 25, 2011
Howard W. Yoon, Charles E. Gibson
This document describes the process of the realization, the maintenance and the dissemination of the spectral irradiance scale and its accompanying uncertainties at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It describes the measurement procedures

CCPR-S1 Supplementary Comparison for Spectral Radiance in the range of 220 nm to 2500 nm

June 2, 2009
Boris Khlevnoy, Victor Sapritsky, Bernard Rougie, Charles E. Gibson, Howard Yoon, Arnold A. Gaertner, Dieter Taubert, Juergen Hartmann
In 1997, the Consultative Committee for Photometry and Radiometry (CCPR) initiated a supplementary comparison of spectral radiance in the wavelength range from 220 nm to 2500 nm (CCPR S1) using tungsten -strip filament lamps as transfer standards. Five

Thermodynamic Radiation Thermometry for the Next SI

November 15, 2007
Howard W. Yoon, Charles E. Gibson, V B. Khromchenko, George P. Eppeldauer, Robert R. Bousquet, Steven W. Brown, Keith R. Lykke
We describe the construction, the calibration and the use of the NIST Thermodynamic Radiation Thermometer (TRT) to measure the temperature of the gold-freezing temperature blackbody and a variable-temperature blackbody from 800 ?C to 2700 ?C. These

Thermodynamic-Temperature Determinations of the Ag and Au Freezing Temperatures Using a Detector-Based Radiation Thermometer

May 20, 2007
Howard W. Yoon, David W. Allen, Charles E. Gibson, Maritoni A. Litorja, Robert D. Saunders, Steven W. Brown, George P. Eppeldauer, Keith R. Lykke
We describe the development of a radiation thermometer calibrated for spectral radiance responsivity using cryogenic, electrical-substitution radiometry to determine the thermodynamic temperatures of the Ag- and Au-freezing temperatures. The absolute

Once is Enough in Radiometric Calibrations

February 1, 2007
Gerald T. Fraser, Charles E. Gibson, Howard W. Yoon, Albert C. Parr
The successful development of an Optical Technology Division quality system for optical radiation measurement services has provided the opportunity to reconsider the existing calibration procedures to improve quality and reduce costs. We have instituted

Synchrotron Radiation Based Irradiance Calibration From 200 nm to 400 nm at SURF III

January 1, 2007
Uwe Arp, Charles E. Gibson, Keith R. Lykke, Albert C. Parr, Robert D. Saunders, D J. Shin, Ping-Shine Shaw, Zhigang Li, Howard W. Yoon
A new facility for measuring source irradiance was commissioned recently at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The facility uses the calculable radiation from the Synchrotron Ultraviolet Radiation Facility (SURF III) as the primary

Heat-Flux Sensor Calibration

January 1, 2004
Benjamin K. Tsai, Charles E. Gibson, M V. Annageri, D P. DeWitt, Robert D. Saunders

Temperature Scales Using Radiation Thermometers Calibratied From Absolute Irradiance and Radiance Responsivity

August 21, 2003
Howard W. Yoon, David W. Allen, Charles E. Gibson, Robert D. Saunders, Bettye C. Johnson, Steven W. Brown, Keith R. Lykke
In the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90), temperatures above the freezing temperature of silver are defined with radiation thermometers calibrated using spectral radiance ratios to one of the silver-, gold- or copper-freezing temperature

Comparison of Cryogenic Radiometry and Thermal Radiometry Calibrations at NIST Using Multichannel Filter Raidometers

February 7, 2003
Bettye C. Johnson, Steven W. Brown, Keith R. Lykke, Charles E. Gibson, G Fargion, G Meister, S B. Hooker, B L. Markham, James J. Butler
Comparison of independent measurement results allows an assessment of the accuracy of the underlying methods. In this work, four multichannel filter radiometers were calibrated using tunable laser-illuminated and lamp-illuminated integrating sphere sources