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Green Button Data-Access Model for Smart Cities

Cuong T. Nguyen, Jeremy J. Roberts
The purpose of the paper is to provide a look into the lessons learned through the roll-out of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and U.S

Efficient upgrading of CO to C3 fuel using asymmetric C-C coupling active sites

Lee J. Richter, Ahmad R. Kirmani, Xue Wang, Wang Ziyuan, Dinh Cao-Thang, Li Jun, Nam Dae-Hyun, Li Fengwang, Huang Chun-Wei, Tan Chih-Shan, Chen Zitao, Chi Miaofang, Gabardo M. Christine, Seiifitokaldani Ali, Todorovic Petar, Proppe Andrew, Pang Yuanjie, wang yuhang, Ip H. Alexander, Shen-Chuan Lo, shana O. kelley, David Sinton, Edward H. Sargent, Tao-Tao Zhuang, Benjamin Scheffel
The electroreduction of C1 feedgas to high-energy-density fuels provides an attractive avenue to the storage of renewable electricity. Much progress has been
Displaying 451 - 475 of 51216