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Synergistic Fire Resistance of Nanobrick-wall Coated 3D Printed Photopolymer Lattices

March 16, 2023
Thomas Kolibaba, Callie Higgins, Zack Buck, Dash Weeks, Jason Killgore
Photopolymer additive manufacturing has become the subject of widespread interest in recent years due to its capacity to enable fabrication of difficult geometries that are impossible to build with traditional modes of manufacturing. The flammability of

Effect of Aging on Unidirectional Composite Laminate Polyethylene for Body Armor

March 8, 2023
Amy Engelbrecht-Wiggans, Ajay Krishnamurthy, Amanda L. Forster
Ballistic-resistant body armor has increasingly been using flexible unidirectional (UD) composite laminates that comprise multiple layers in the armor construction. Each UD layer contains high-performance fibers held in place using very low modulus binder

Solvent Transport Model for Polyamide Nanofilm Membranes Based on Accurate Hansen Solubility Parameters

February 21, 2023
Min Gyu Shin, Wansuk Choi, June Huh, William Mulhearn, Jung Sun Hwang, Christopher Stafford, Jeong F Kim, Jung Hyun Lee
Polyamide (PA) nanofilm membranes for solvent filtration are widely used in various industries. However, reliable models that can describe solvent transport in PA membranes have yet to be developed owing to measurement challenges associated with the highly

Community Resource for Innovation in Polymer Technology (CRIPT): A Scalable Polymer Material Data Structure

February 20, 2023
Dylan Walsh, Weizhong Zou, Ludwig Schneider, Reid Mello, Michael Deagen, Joshua Mysona, Tzyy-Shyang Lin, Juan de Pablo, Klavs Jensen, Debra Audus, Bradley Olsen
Polymeric materials are integral components of nearly every aspect of modern life. However, developing cheminformatic solutions for polymers has been difficult since they are large stochastic molecules with hierarchical structures spanning multiple length

Quantitative relationships between film morphology, charge carrier dynamics, and photovoltaic performance in bulk-heterojunction binary vs. ternary acceptor blends

February 7, 2023
Weigang Zhu, Guoping Li, Subhrangsu Mukherjee, Natalia Powers-Riggs, Leighton Jones, Eliot Gann, R Joseph Kline, Andrew Herzing, Jenna Logsdon, Lucas Flagg, Charlotte Stern, Ryan Young, Kevin Kohlstedt, George Schatz, Dean DeLongchamp, Michael Wasielewski, Ferdinand Melkonyan, Antonio Facchetti, Tobin Marks
Addressing pertinent and perplexing questions regarding why nonfullerene acceptors (NFAs) promote higher power conversion efficiencies (PCEs) than traditional fullerenes and how photoactive bulk heterojunction (BHJ) film morphology, charge photogeneration

Sustainable Additive Manufacturing of Polyelectrolyte Photopolymer Complexes

January 29, 2023
Thomas Kolibaba, Jason Killgore, Callie Higgins
Polyelectrolyte complexes (PECs), assemblies of oppositely charged polymers with powerful properties and wide-ranging applications, are currently not melt-processable via any conventional means and have been limited commercially to applications only as

Defining Chi for Block Copolymer Lithography

January 11, 2023
Whitney Loo, Hongbo Feng, Thomas Ferron, Ricardo Ruiz, Daniel Sunday, Paul Nealey
Block copolymer lithography, such as directed self-assembly, requires the design of nanostructured block copolymers with precise values of segregation strength, 20≤χN≤25, in order to balance covarying material properties and meet manufacturing requirements

Measuring Dimensionality of Cell-Scaffold Contacts of Primary Human Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Cultured on Electrospun Fiber Scaffolds

January 1, 2023
Carl Simon Jr., Peter Bajcsy, Joe Chalfoun, Michael Paul Majurski, Mary C. Brady, Mylene Simon, Nathan Hotaling, Nick Schaub, Allison Horenberg, Piotr Szczypinski, Dongbo Wang, Veronica DeFelice, Soweon Yoon, Stephanie Florczyk
The properties and structure of the cellular microenvironment can influence cell behavior. Sites of cell adhesion to the extracellular matrix (ECM) initiate intracellular signaling that direct cell functions such as proliferation, differentiation and

Characterizing light engine uniformity and its influence on LCD-based vat photopolymerization printing

December 27, 2022
Benjamin Caplins, Callie Higgins, Thomas Kolibaba, Uwe Arp, C Cameron Miller, Dianne L. Poster, Clarence Zarobila, Yuqin Zong, Jason Killgore
Vat photopolymerization (VP) is a rapidly growing category of additive manufacturing. As VP methods mature the expectation is that the quality of printed parts will be highly reproducible. At present, detailed characterization of the light engines used in

Self-Assembled Asperities for Pressure Tunable Adhesion

December 16, 2022
Naomi Deneke, Jamie Booth, Edwin P. Chan, Chelsea S. Davis
Control of adhesive strength is important in applications such as soft robotics, pick-and-place manufacturing, flexible and wearable devices, and transfer printing. Due to the diversity of material types, these systems can potentially benefit from adhesive

Visualization of multi-orientational ordering within a single domain of donor non-fullerene acceptor blends

November 1, 2022
Eliot Gann, Christopher McNeill, Urvashi Bothra, Pramiti Hui, Wen Liang Tanc, Hariprasad Venugopal, Chandramouli Subramaniam, Amelia C.Y. Liu, Dinesh Kabra
We have studied the tailored micron-scale phase-separated bulk heterojunction (BHJ) morphology of the well-known polymer (PTB7-Th) and a narrow bandgap acceptor 2,2'-[[4,4,9,9-Tetrakis(4-hexylphenyl)-4,9-dihydro-s-indaceno [1,2-b:5,6-b']dithiophene-2,7

Networks and interfaces as catalysts for polymer materials innovation

October 27, 2022
Michael Deagen, Dylan Walsh, Debra Audus, Kenneth Kroenlein, Juan de Pablo, Kaoru Aou, Kyle Chard, Klavs Jensen, Bradley Olsen
Autonomous experimental systems offer a compelling glimpse into a future where closed-loop, iterative cycles—performed by machines and guided by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)—play a foundational role in materials research and

Simulated stress mitigation strategies in embedded 3D bioprinting

August 30, 2022
Leanne Friedrich, Ross Gunther, Jonathan Seppala
Extrusion-based 3D bioprinting is a powerful tool for fabricating complex cell-laden constructs. Embedded Ink Writing (EIW) is an extrusion-based printing technique wherein a nozzle embedded into a support bath writes continuous filaments. Because it

Leveraging Theory for Enhanced Machine Learning

August 26, 2022
Debra Audus, Austin McDannald, Brian DeCost
The application of machine learning to the materials domain has traditionally struggled with two major challenges: a lack of large, curated data sets and the need to understand the physics behind the machine-learning prediction. The former problem is

Relative effects of polymer composition and sample preparation on glass dynamics

August 17, 2022
Christopher Soles, Amanda L. Forster, Katherine Evans, Madhusudan (Madhu) Tyagi, Robert M. Elder, Timothy Sirk, Joseph Dennis, Kanae Ito, Osama Yamamuro, Hiroshi Akiba
Modern design of common adhesives, composites and polymeric parts makes use of polymer glasses that are stiff enough to maintain their shape under a high stress while still maintaining a ductile behavior after the yield point. Typically, material

Simulation-guided resonant soft X-ray scattering for determining microstructure of triblock copolymers

August 1, 2022
Eliot Gann, Veronica Reynolds, Michael L. Chabinyc, Christopher Bates, Devon Callan, Elizabeth Murphy, Yan-Qiao Chen, Kaitlin Albanese, Claire Wu, Craig Hawker
Resonant soft X-ray scattering (RSoXS) probes structure with chemical sensitivity that is useful for determining the morphology of multiblock copolymers. However, the hyperspectral data produced by this technique are challenging to interpret. Here, we use
Displaying 1 - 25 of 1802