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Healthcare Information Standards & Testing: A Concept Paper

September 1, 2002
Lisa J. Carnahan, Lynne S. Rosenthal
… by preliminary discussions between NIST and members of the healthcare community who are impacted by the use of emerging … included the current state of standards work in the healthcare community, the requirements for security, …

Securing Wireless Infusion Pumps

December 19, 2018
Gavin W. O'Brien
… in NIST SP 1800-8: Securing Wireless Infusion Pumps in Healthcare Delivery Organizations which discusses the … pumps, which -- in today’s world -- connect to a variety of healthcare systems, networks, and other tools within a healthcare delivery organization. … Gavin W. O'Brien … ITL …

Caring: An Undiscovered Super "Ility" of Smart Healthcare

October 28, 2016
Nancy Laplante, Phillip Laplante, Jeff Voas
… the Internet of Things, data analytics, and others for healthcare, a critical problem is emerging: the potential … technology and caring has been discussed for many years by healthcare providers, particularly nurses. While these …

Innovation in Telehealth and a Role for the Government

October 16, 2008
R N. Spivack
… America's healthcare system is regarded as among the world's best. The … assistance teams, and ships at sea. As global demand for healthcare increases, adoption of telehealth systems and … … R N. Spivack … Future of Health Technology … ATP, healthcare, healthcare IT technologies, homeland security, …

Modeling and Simulation of Healthcare Systems for Homeland Security Applications

September 1, 2011
Charles R. McLean, Yung-Tsun Lee, Sanjay Jain, Charles W. Hutchings
… interest group whose focus is information exchange on healthcare issues. The document defines an initial set of user/customer needs and system requirements. Existing healthcare M&S information sources and capabilities such as: …

Open Source Implementation of the NIST HealthCare Standards Landscape

June 26, 2006
Hai C. Tang, Roy S. Morgan, Thomas R. Rhodes, Clement Ridoret
… The NIST HealthCare Standards Landscape (HCSL) web site is a project … web-based repository of information (called "Landscape") on healthcare informatics standards and other related …

Securing Wireless Infusion Pumps in Healthcare Delivery Organizations

August 20, 2018
Gavin W. O'Brien, Sallie Edwards, Kevin Littlefield, Neil McNab, Sue Wang, Kangmin Zheng
… However, today’s medical devices connect to a variety of healthcare systems, networks, and other tools within a healthcare delivery organization (HDO). Connecting devices …

An HL7 v2 Platform for Standards Development and Testing

July 16, 2017
Sandra I. Martinez, Robert D. Snelick
… Development of healthcare data exchange standards has long been … I. Martinez , Robert D. Snelick … Las Vegas, NV, US … Healthcare Data Exchange Standards, Healthcare Information Systems, Interoperability, Standards …

Assessing Approaches for Evaluating Remote Heterogeneous Applications

July 13, 2009
Leonard E. Gebase, Robert D. Snelick
… of abstract applications, we will look at a specific set of healthcare applications that exhibit these characteristics. … to a broader class of applications. The Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)organization defines a technical … framework for implementing a broad range of existing healthcare standards. These standards include HL7, DICOM, …

Building Caring Healthcare Systems in the Internet of Things

February 22, 2017
Phillip Laplante, Mohamad Kassab, Nancy Laplante, Jeff Voas
… The nature of healthcare and the computational and physical technologies … a structured approach for describing Internet of Things for healthcare systems. We illustrate the approach for three use …

A General Conformance Testing Framework for IEEE 11073 PHD's Communication Model

May 31, 2013
Raghu N. Kacker, Linbin Yu, Yu Lei, David R. Kuhn, Ram D. Sriram, Kevin G. Brady
… standards that addresses the interoperability of personal healthcare devices. As an important part of IEEE 11073 PHD, … exchange protocol (IEEE 11073-20601) defines how personal healthcare devices communicate with computing resources like … Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA 2013 … IEEE 11073, Healthcare, Sequence testing … A General Conformance Testing …
Displaying 1 - 25 of 158