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Underestimation of Thermogenic Methane Emissions in New York City (New York City methane emissions: what are we missing?)

May 14, 2024
Joseph R. Pitt, Israel Lopez Coto, Anna Karion, Kristian D. Hajny, Jay M. Tomlin, Robert Kaeser, Thilina Jayarathne, Brian H. Stirm, Cody R. Floerchinger, Christopher P. Loughner, Roisin Commane, Conor K. Gately, Lucy R. Hutyra, Kevin R. Gurney, Geoffrey S. Roest, Jianming Liang, Sharon Gourdji, Kimberly Mueller, James Whetstone, Paul B. Shepson
Recent studies have shown that methane emissions are underestimated by inventories in many US urban areas. This has important implications for climate change mitigation policy at the city, state, and national levels. Uncertainty in both the spatial

Workshop on Quantifying Methane Emissions Across Natural Gas Infrastructure in Urban Environments

March 27, 2024
Anna Karion, Paul Shepson, Thomas Butcher, Roisin Commane, Julianne M Fernandez, Tom Ferrara, Kristian Hajny, Robert Jackson, Brian Lamb, Israel Lopez Coto, Zeyneb Magavi, Brian McDonald, Zachary Merrin, Scot Miller, Kimberly Mueller, Lee Murray, Joseph Pitt, Rick Trieste, Rebecca Trojanowski, Joseph von Fischer
A workshop was held at the EDF offices in Washington, DC, on June 15 and 16, 2022, to discuss the current state of knowledge and to define productive courses of action in better determination and source apportionment of methane emission rates, and

Analyzing "grey zone" Turbulent Kinetic Energy predictions in the Boundary Layer from three WRF PBL Schemes over New York City and comparison to Aircraft measurements

January 1, 2024
Austin Hope, Israel Lopez Coto, Kristian Hajny, Jay M Tomlin, Robert Kaeser, Brian Stirm, Anna Karion, James Whetstone, Paul Shepson
We conduct WRF simulations at multiple resolutions down to the "grey zone" (9 km, 3 km, 1 km, 333 m) to examine boundary layer turbulence in three planetary boundary layer (PBL) schemes: the well-established MYNN PBL scheme and the two newest PBL schemes

Recommendations from the Ocean Carbonate System Intercomparison Forum: Quantifying and reducing uncertainties in the calculations of carbonate system equilibrium in the oceans

December 14, 2023
Brendan Carter, Jonathan Sharp, Andrew Dickson, Marta Alvarez, Michael Fong, Maribel Garcia-Ibanez, Ryan Woosley, Takeshita Yuichiro, Leticia Barbero, Robert Byrne, Wei-Jun Cai, Melissa Chierici, Simon Clegg, Regina Easley, Andrea Fassbender, Kalla Fleger, Xinyu Li, Macarena Martin-Mayor, Katelyn Schockman, Aleck Wang Zhaohui
The ocean carbonate system is critical to monitor because it plays a major role in regulating Earth's climate and marine ecosystems. It is monitored using a variety of measurements, and it is commonly understood that all major components of the seawater

Spatial attribution of aircraft mass balance experiment CO2 estimations for policy relevant boundaries: New York City

November 17, 2023
Jay M. Tomlin, Israel Lopez Coto, Kristian D. Hajny, Joseph R. Pitt, Robert Kaeser, Brian H. Stirm, Thilina Jayarathne, Cody R. Floerchinger, Roisin Commane, Paul B. Shepson
To effectively address the unprecedented acceleration of climate change, cities across the U.S. are leading efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Coherent, aggressive, and lasting mitigation policies in controlling carbon emissions are beginning to

Methane emissions show recent decline but strong seasonality in two US Northeastern cities

November 9, 2023
Anna Karion, Subhomoy Ghosh, Israel Lopez Coto, Kimberly Mueller, Sharon Gourdji, Joseph Pitt, James Whetstone
Urban methane emissions have been found to exceed estimates derived using traditional inventory methods in several US cities. In large northeastern US cities, including in Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland, studies using atmospheric methane

Dual-Comb Spectroscopy of Carbon Dioxide and Methane Across a 14.5 km Long Outdoor Path

September 1, 2023
Fabrizio Giorgetta, Esther Baumann, Brian Washburn, Nathan Malarich, Jean-Daniel Deschenes, Ian Coddington, Nathan Newbury, Kevin Cossel
Greenhouse-gas dual-comb spectroscopy is extended to a city-scale 14.5-km path length using remote receiver and data acquisition. This configuration enables lower link losses and longer path lengths compared to folded paths with a remote retroreflector

Non-nulling Protocols for Fast, Accurate, 3-D Velocity Measurements in Stacks

July 28, 2023
Iosif Isaakovich Shinder, Aaron Johnson, James Filla, Vladimir B. Khromchenko, Michael R. Moldover, Joey Boyd, John D. Wright, John R. Stoup
We present protocols for making fast, accurate, 3-D velocity measurements in the stacks of coal-fired power plants. The measurements are traceable to internationally-recognized standards; therefore, they provide a rigorous basis for measuring and/or

Extending Dual-Comb Spectroscopy Path Length to 14.5 km by Separating Receiver from Transmitter

June 1, 2023
Fabrizio Giorgetta, Esther Baumann, Brian Washburn, Nathan Malarich, J.-D. Deschenes, Ian Coddington, Nathan Newbury, Kevin Cossel
We present dual-comb spectroscopy across a 14.5-km path using remote receiver and data acquisition. This configuration results in lower link losses compared to open-path configurations with co-located transmitter and receiver.

An Automated System for Flow Characterization at Exhaust Ducts and Smokestacks

February 10, 2023
Rodney Bryant, Artur A. Chernovsky, Joseph A. Falco, Iosif Isaakovich Shinder
This report summarizes the design and description for an automated system of velocity traverse probes. Performance of key components of the system are also described. The system is designed for conducting detailed characterizations of flow distributions in

IG3IS Urban Greenhouse Gas Emission Observation and Monitoring Best Research Practices

August 1, 2022
Jocelyn Turnbull, Philip DeCola, Kimberly Mueller, Felix Vogel, Anna Karion, Israel Lopez Coto, James Whetstone
The Integrated Global Greenhouse Gas Information System (IG3IS) aims to coordinate an integrated global greenhouse gas information system, linking inventory and process model-based information with atmospheric observations and atmospheric modelling, to

The impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on greenhouse gases: a multi-city analysis of in situ atmospheric observations

April 27, 2022
Vanessa Monteiro, Natasha Miles, Scott Richardson, Jocelyn Turnbull, Anna Karion, Jooil Kim, Kristal Verhulst, Logan Mitchell, John Lin, Maryann Sargent, Steven Wofsy, Felix Vogel, Kenneth Davis
We tested the capabilities of urban greenhouse gas (GHG) measurement networks to detect abrupt changes in emissions, such as those caused by the roughly 6-week COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020 using hourly in situ GHG mole fraction measurements from six

Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Plastics: A Review

March 1, 2022
Paul Rikhter, Ilayda Dinc, Yirui Zhang, Ted Jiang, Bobby Miyashiro, Shelby Walsh, Ruoyu Wang, Yvonne Dinh, Sangwon Suh, Joshua D. Kneifel
Global production and consumption of plastics and its deposition in the environment are growing rapidly, while their life-cycle impacts to the environment are yet to be fully understood. This study reviews the existing literature with the goal of
Displaying 1 - 25 of 188