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Spectrally Bright and Broad Fiber-Based Heralded Single-Photon Source

July 29, 2008
Elizabeth A. Goldschmidt, M D. Eisaman, Jingyun Fan, Sergey V. Polyakov, Alan L. Migdall
We present the first experimental characterization of a heralded single-photon source based on spontaneous four-wave-mixing in a single-mode microstructure fiber. We measure the second-order correlation function, g(2)(0), to be far below the classical

High-efficiency, ultra-low-noise all-fiber photon pair source

June 20, 2008
Shellee D. Dyer, Martin J. Stevens, Burm Baek, Sae Woo Nam
We demonstrate an all-fiber photon pair source with the highest coincidence-to-accidental ratio (CAR) reported to date in the fiber optic telecom C-band. We achieve this through careful optimization of pair production efficiency as well as careful

Tungsten Transition-Edge Sensors for IR/Optical/UV Photon Counting

June 1, 2003
Aaron J. Miller, Sae Woo Nam, John M. Martinis, Alexander V. Sergienko
Tungsten transition-edge sensors have been demonstrated to have impressive photon-counting capabilities. Of particular interest is the expected impact to the applications of low-flux astronomy and photonic quantum information. The combination of high

Quantum Computing and Communication

June 28, 2002
Paul E. Black, David R. Kuhn, Carl J. Williams
A quantum computer, if built, will be to an ordinary computer as a hydrogen bomb is to gunpowder, at least for some types of computations. Today no quantum computer exists, beyond laboratory prototypes capable of solving only tiny problems, and many
Displaying 76 - 83 of 83