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Roles of Nanofiber Structure and Chemistry in Directing Stem Cell Morphology, Differentiation and Gene Expression



Sumona Sarkar, Bryan A. Baker, Desu Chen, Wolfgang Losert, Carl G. Simon Jr., Joy P. Dunkers


Nanofiber technology has emerged as a promising tool to recapitulate the native extracellular matrix (ECM) environment for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine strategies. Cell-material interactions in the nanofiber system are largely dependent on nanofiber properties such as fiber diameter, alignment and biological functionality as well as cell type and culture condition. Therefore, in order to understand the mechanisms underlying cell-material interactions in the nanofiber environment, systematic studies with controlled material properties and culture conditions are required. In previous studies conducted by our laboratory, we determined that nanofiber scaffold structures uniquely induced osteogenic differentiation without osteogenic supplement (1). In the current study we have systematically investigated the synergistic roles of nanofiber structure and chemistry in directing the response of Human bone marrow stromal cells (hBMSCs). In our material system, scaffold structure is kept constant while chemistry is varied by hydrolysis.
Proceedings Title
Society for Biomaterials 2014 Annual Meeting & Exposition
Conference Dates
April 16-19, 2014
Conference Location
Denver, CO


Nanofiber, Stem Cell, Biomaterial, Gene Expression, Cell Shape Metrology


Sarkar, S. , Baker, B. , Chen, D. , Losert, W. , Simon, C. and Dunkers, J. (2014), Roles of Nanofiber Structure and Chemistry in Directing Stem Cell Morphology, Differentiation and Gene Expression, Society for Biomaterials 2014 Annual Meeting & Exposition, Denver, CO (Accessed April 18, 2024)
Created April 19, 2014, Updated February 19, 2017