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Recent Progress in Understanding the Imaging and Metrology using the Helium Ion Microscope



Michael T. Postek, Andras Vladar, Bin Ming


Nanotechnology is pushing imaging and measurement instrument technology to high levels of required performance. As this continues, new barriers confronting innovation in this field are encountered. Particle beam instrument resolution remains one of these barriers. A new tool for imaging and metrology for nanotechnology is the scanning Helium Ion Microscope (HIM). The HIM is a new approach to imaging and metrology for nanotechnology which may be able to push this barrier lower. As a new methodology, it is just beginning to show promise and the number of potentially advantageous applications for nanotechnology and nanometrology has yet to be fully exploited. This presentation will discuss some of the progress made at NIST in collaboration with the manufacturing community in understanding the imaging and metrology for this new technology.
Proceedings Title
2009 SCANNING/SPIE Proceedings
Conference Dates
May 3-8, 2009
Conference Location
Monterrey, CA


Helium ion, microscopy, HIM, scanning electron microscope, SEM, nanomanufacturing, nanometrology
Created September 1, 2009, Updated February 19, 2017