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Preparation of cylindrical tensile specimens for simultaneous mechanical testing and X-ray computed tomography



Felix H. Kim, Shawn P. Moylan, Edward J. Garboczi


Cylindrical tensile specimens were designed and prepared for in situ mechanical testing using X- ray computed tomography (XCT). Powder bed fusion-based metal additive manufacturing was used to produce tensile specimens to a near-net shape. Natural and designed defects were embedded in the tensile specimen using the additive manufacturing process. Conventional machining was used to refine the shape of the tensile specimens to their final shape with low surface roughness. The process of developing a cylindrical tensile specimen is described and recommendations for future builds are provided. An XCT-based dimensional measurement technique to inspect the part quality is introduced and described.
NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR) - 8234
Report Number


Additive manufacturing, Cylindrical tensile specimen, Defect embedment, X-ray computed tomography.
Created March 26, 2019