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Practical Guide to the Design, Fabrication and Calibration of NIST Nanocalorimeters



Feng Yi, Michael D. Grapes, David A. LaVan


We report here on the design, fabrication and calibration of nanocalorimeter sensors used in the NIST Nanocalorimetry Measurements Project. These small scale thermal analysis instruments are produced using silicon microfabrication approaches. A single platinum line serves as both the heater and temperature sensor, and is made from a 500 µm wide, 100 nm thick platinum trace, suspended on a 100 nm thick silicon nitride membrane for thermal isolation. Supplemental materials to this article (available online) include drawing files and LabVIEW code used in the fabrication and calibration process.
Journal of Research (NIST JRES) -


nanocalorimeter, nanocalorimetry, thermal analysis, MEMS, thin film, process, design, calibration
Created December 16, 2019