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Performance of a Nanopositioner Controller Filter Compensator



Donna Le, Nicholas G. Dagalakis, Jason J. Gorman, Jae M. Yoo


We describe the use of appropriate type simple resistor and capacitor (RC) compensators, which properly connected to a power amplifier, can improve the dynamic performance of MEMS nanopositioners. Research on compensators led to the design of several simple RC compensators that may be appropriate for the NIST symmetric dual parallel lever nanopositioner. Using basic circuit theory, the RC circuits were analyzed and their transfer functions were found. The bandwidth of the RC compensator controller nanopositioner system was measured by the frequency range in which the magnitude of the response drops about 3 dB from its initial value.
Precision Meso/Micro Systems for Nanomanufacturing


controller compensator, nanopositioner, dynamic performance
Created August 12, 2009, Updated February 19, 2017