NIST Recommended Practice Guide: Capacitance Cell Measurement of the Out-of-Plane Expansion of Thin Films

Published: November 01, 2001


Chad R. Snyder, F I. Mopsik


The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) continues to be a critical parameter in modeling for the microelectronics industry. Over the past several years, NIST has worked to develop a robust and highly accurate means for determined the CTE of polymer films with thicknesses ranging from 2 m up to 1 cm. To make this metrology accessible to a wider community and to help users to adhere to good practice procedures when using this metrology, this Guide was created. At the end of this Guide, the data reduction technique necessary for using this metrology for the determination of hygrothermal expansion is discussed and a detailed look at the uncertainties associated with this metrology is provided.
Citation: Special Publication (NIST SP) - 960-7
Report Number:
Volume: SP960-7
Pub Type: NIST Pubs


capacitance cell, guarded electrode, high sensitivity displacement, innerlayer dielectrics, polymers, thermal expansion, thin films
Created November 01, 2001, Updated March 23, 2018