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Formation and transfer of GaAsN nanostructure layers



Christopher L. Soles, Hyun W. Ro, A. Wood, N. Estrada, B. Dick, Y. Wang, Micheal Thouless, Rachel Goldman


Nanostructured materials with ultra-small crystallites (approaching the exciton Bohr radius) embedded in a solid-state matrix have great potential for optoelectronic and energy-conversion applications owing to the possibility of invoking quantum effects. However, the widespread application of such devices will require the integration of thin layers of the nanostructured material with alternative substrates that provide functional advantages such as increased heat dissipation or reduced material costs. Here, we report the first integration of a thin film containing embedded semiconductor nanocrystallites with various functional substrates. In particular, we achieved simultaneous nanostructuring and thin-film transfer through the bonding of nitrogen-implanted GaAs to Al2O3 and AlN substrates, followed by rapid-thermal annealing. Furthermore, we illustrate the critical role of the physical properties and thickness of the bonding layer on the morphology of the transferred layer. This process is expected to be useful for the integration of embedded semiconductor nanostructures with a wide variety of substrates.
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A


thin film, layer transfer, quantum dots, galium nitride, organosilicates


Soles, C. , Ro, H. , Wood, A. , Estrada, N. , Dick, B. , Wang, Y. , Thouless, M. and Goldman, R. (2011), Formation and transfer of GaAsN nanostructure layers, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A, [online], (Accessed April 17, 2024)
Created September 27, 2011, Updated April 24, 2020