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Evaluation of silicon wafer-based internal reflection elements for use with in situ FT-IR spectroscopy



Brent A. Sperling, Berc Kalanyan


Silicon wafer-based internal reflection elements (IREs) present many practical advantages over the prisms conventionally used for attenuated total reflection spectroscopy in the infrared. We examine two methods of using minimally prepared IREs that have appeared in the literature, edge-coupled (EC) and prism-coupled (PC), in conjunction with a liquid flow cell. Polarization measurements show that radiation entering the PC-IRE becomes depolarized due to stress-induced birefringence, and transmission through the edge of the EC-IRE also affects the polarization state. Quantification of the noise and a calibration using a series of sodium acetate solutions show the sensitivity of the PC-IRE outweighs the lower noise obtainable with the EC- IRE.
Applied Spectroscopy


infrared spectroscopy, attentuated total reflection, in situ spectroscopy
Created September 1, 2018, Updated September 27, 2018