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Devices in advanced technology nodes: application-specific characterization



gennadi bersuker, Dmitry Veksler, Donald Pierce, Maribeth Mason


Scaled advanced node devices incorporate new combinations of semiconductor materials and ultra-thin multi-layer dielectric stacks. As a consequence, inter-material interactions may unpredictably affect transistor electrical characteristics and reliability. Conventional reliability tests may miss spontaneously-occurring device recovery as well as parameters shift caused by extremely high frequency circuit operations and, therefore, may underestimate or overestimate lifetime. The proposed application-specific reliability tests account for degradation processes occurring under the conditions of interest; it can also define a safe range of use conditions that may significantly extend the device lifetime beyond the conventional reliability predictions supplied by manufacturers. We present data in support of application-specific reliability testing and discuss its use in prequalification of new technologies.
ECS Transactions


CMOS, advanced technology nodes, reliability


Bersuker, G. , Veksler, D. , Pierce, D. and Mason, M. (2017), Devices in advanced technology nodes: application-specific characterization, ECS Transactions (Accessed April 13, 2024)
Created May 20, 2017, Updated October 12, 2021