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Determination of PAHs in combustion-related samples via multi-dimensional chromatographic methods.



Hugh V. Hayes, Walter B. Wilson, Lane C. Sander, Stephen A. Wise, Andres D. Campiglia


Complete normal-phase liquid chromatography (NPLC) retention behavior was investigated for 25 molecular mass (MM, g mol-1) 302 PAHs on an aminopropyl (NH2) stationary phase. Retention behaviors were used to develop a NPLC fractionation procedure for complex combustion-related samples prior to analysis with GC/MS and reversed-phase (RP)LC with stop-flow fluorescence (FL) and/or constant energy synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy (CESFS) detection. These analytical methods allowed for the determination of 23 MM 302 PAHs and tentative identification of 9 additional isomers in an environmental coal tar sample (Standard Reference Material 1597a).
LCGC North America


polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, chromatography, fluorescence spectroscopy
Created November 30, 2020, Updated September 9, 2020