Cutting Temperature Measurements of Segmented Chips using Dual-Spectrum High-Speed Microvideography

Published: May 20, 2008


Jarred C. Heigel, Robert W. Ivester, Eric P. Whitenton


Dual-Spectrum high speed microvideography involves the use of synchronized high speed visible light (30,000 frames/s) and infrared (600 frames/s) cameras. This paper presents analysis method and results of such a system to determine chip temperatures during during orthogonal cutting of American Iron and Steel Institute 1045 steel with coated carbide tool. Speeds from 200-600 m/min at a feeds of 0.15 mm/rev and 0.30 mm/rev represent industrially relevant cutting conditions. Obtaining temperature measurements on precise points of the chip by using the visible light images to navigate the infrared images proves to be advantageous.
Citation: Transactional Analysis Journal
Report Number:
Volume: 36
Pub Type: Journals

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Temperature measurement, carbide tooling, turning, dual spectrum, microvideography
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