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Charpy Interlaboratory Comparison between NIST and the Beijing Institute of Metrology (BIM)



Enrico Lucon, Raymond L. Santoyo


The Beijing Institute of Metrology (BIM, China) and NIST have participated in an interlaboratory comparison, in which reference Charpy specimens of three energy levels were tested. Each laboratory tested 75 specimens supplied by the other institute, 25 per energy level, at room temperature (21 °C ± 1 °C) and using an impact machine equipped with a 2 mm striker. The results obtained show good to excellent agreement between BIM and NIST, except at the low-energy level (20 J to 25 J), where NIST data obtained using a U type machine were significantly higher than BIM data obtained using a C-type machine. Twenty-five additional low- energy BIM specimens, tested by NIST using a C-type machine, showed excellent consistency with BIM reference data and therefore confirmed that, for low-energy specimens, the configuration of the swinging hammer may affect test results, due to the different stiffness/compliance of the two machine types. A similar, but unexpected, trend was observed for the NIST super-high-energy specimens, and will need to be explained though further investigations.
Technical Note (NIST TN) - 2061
Report Number


2 mm striker, Charpy reference specimens, C-type hammer, interlaboratory comparison, U type hammer.
Created September 12, 2019