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All-Dielectric Micromachined Calorimeter for High-Resolution Microwave Power Measurement



John M. Moreland, Pavel Kabos, Albrecht Jander


We have developed a micromachined bimaterial cantilever with a thin-film ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) sensor to probe rf fields near microwave devices. A patterned permalloy film deposited at the tip of the cantilever serves as the localized FMR probe. Power absorption at the tip, under FMR conditions, results in a proportional bending of the bimaterial cantilever. The deflection of the cantilever is measured with an optical lever. The small dimensions of the probe (20 υm x 20υm x 0.05υm) allows for measurements of rf magnetic fields near microwave devices with 20υm resolution and minimal intrusion. The sensor is constructed of low-stress silicon nitride and low-temperature-deposited silicon oxide. The use of dielectric materials in the cantilever beam minimizes the background signal produced by eddy-current heating of the cantilever. Using this scanning FMR probe we have measured vector-component-resolved microwave field distributions near 500 υ wide stipline resonator driven at 9.15 GHz.
Proceedings Title
Tech. Dig., IEEE MEMS 2002 Conference
Conference Dates
January 21-25, 2002
Conference Location
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Conference Title
The Fifteenth IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems


ferromagnetic resonance, microwave power, scanning probe, scanning probe microscope


Moreland, J. , Kabos, P. and Jander, A. (2000), All-Dielectric Micromachined Calorimeter for High-Resolution Microwave Power Measurement, Tech. Dig., IEEE MEMS 2002 Conference, Las Vegas, NV, USA (Accessed March 4, 2024)
Created January 31, 2000, Updated October 12, 2021