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A depth-16 circuit for the AES S-box

Joan Boyar, Rene C. Peralta
New techniques for reducing the depth of circuits for cryptographic applications are described and applied to the AES S-box. These techniques also keep the

BEES Online: Life Cycle Analysis for Building Products

Barbara C. Lippiatt, Anne L. Greig, Priya D. Lavappa
The BEES (Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability) Online web application implements a rational, systematic technique for selecting

Peer Review Report 2010

Thomas A. Siewert, Robert Smith, Theresa Bell, Joseph D. McColskey, Richard J. Fields
The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration s Pipeline Safety Research and Development (R&D) Program held a structured peer review of active

Rationale of Color Quality Scale

Yoshihiro Ohno, Wendy L. Davis
The color quality of solid state lighting (SSL) products is critical and is the subject of increasing attention. The CIE Color Rendering Index (CRI) [1] has