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BEES Online: Life Cycle Analysis for Building Products

Barbara C. Lippiatt, Anne L. Greig, Priya D. Lavappa
The BEES (Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability) Online web application implements a rational, systematic technique for selecting

Peer Review Report 2010

Thomas A. Siewert, Robert Smith, Theresa Bell, Joseph D. McColskey, Richard J. Fields
The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration s Pipeline Safety Research and Development (R&D) Program held a structured peer review of active

Rationale of Color Quality Scale

Yoshihiro Ohno, Wendy L. Davis
The color quality of solid state lighting (SSL) products is critical and is the subject of increasing attention. The CIE Color Rendering Index (CRI) [1] has

Why are we concerned with large covariance matrices?

Paul D. Hale, Andrew M. Dienstfrey, Chih-Ming Wang
In order to promote discussion, we outline the two different paradigms for propagating uncertainties from the various waveform measurement impairments to the

CCQM–K62: Nutrients in Infant/Adult Formula – Vitamins: Final Report

Katherine E. Sharpless, Catherine A. Rimmer, Karen W. Phinney, Bryant C. Nelson, David L. Duewer, Stephen A. Wise
Key Comparison CCQM-K62 was designed to enable demonstration of the equivalence in capabilities for measurement of vitamins in a food matrix. A milk-based

Smart Phone Tool Specification

Richard P. Ayers
This paper defines requirements for mobile device applications capable of acquiring data from smart phones operating over a Global System for Mobile

Smart Phone Tool Test Assertions and Test Plan

Richard P. Ayers
This paper defines assertions and test cases for mobile device applications capable of acquiring data from mobile devices operating over a Global System for

Strategic Plan 2010

Gerald T. Fraser
The Optical Technology Division s 2010 Strategic Plan defines the Mission, Vision, and Strategic Elements for the Division. The Strategic Elements consist of

Nanomechanical Measurements and Tools

Robert F. Cook
Nanotechnology provides great opportunities for the development of advanced devices with enormous quality-of-life and economic benefits, with applications

Report on the Key Comparison CCPR K2.a-2003

Yoshihiro Ohno, Steven W. Brown, Thomas C. Larason
Under the framework of Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) for national measurements standards and for calibration and measurement certificates issued by