Extracting Linearization Equations from Noisy Sources

February 15, 2019
Daniel C. Smith-Tone
This note was originally written under the name "On the Security of HMFEv" and was submitted to PQCrypto 2018. The author was informed by the referees of his...

The Metrological Basis for MOBY

December 20, 2018
Bettye C. Johnson
The Marine Optical BuoY (MOBY) is a primary source of data for System Vicarious Calibration (SVC) of ocean color satellite sensors. I will present brief...

PSIAP User Interface Grant Webinar

October 16, 2018
Scott A. Ledgerwood, Jeremy E. Benson, Dereck R. Orr, Scott S. McNichol
The video is a recorded webinar about PSCR's Notice of Funding Opportunity, which was recently posted on The webinar was hosted by UI/UX Portfolio...

Public Safety User Interface R&D Summit Report

March 16, 2018
Scott A. Ledgerwood, Marc Leh
The User Interface Roadmap R&D Summit allowed PSCR stakeholders to build on the findings published in the recent Public Safety User Interface R&D...