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Notes on Interrogating Random Quantum Circuits

Luis Brandao, Rene C. Peralta
Consider a quantum circuit that, when fed a constant input, produces a fixed-length random bit- string in each execution. Executing it many times yields a

Optimal Bayesian Experimental Design

Robert D. McMichael
This manual describes an implementation of optimal Bayesian experimental design methods. These methods address routine measurements where data are fit to

Classifying single-qubit noise using machine learning

Travis L. Scholten, Yi-Kai Liu, Kevin Young, Robin Blume-Kohout
As quantum information processors (QIPs) grow more sophisticated, characterizing their behavior becomes harder. Larger QIPs have more properties that need to be

Practical Cryptanalysis of k-ary C*

Daniel C. Smith-Tone
Recently, an article by Felke appeared in Cryptography and Communications discussing the security of biquadratic $C^*$ and a further generalization, k-ary $C^*$

Open Speech Analytic Technologies Pilot Evaluation OpenSAT Pilot

Frederick R. Byers, Jonathan G. Fiscus, Seyed Omid Sadjadi, Gregory A. Sanders, Mark A. Przybocki
Open Speech Analytic Technologies Pilot Evaluation (OpenSAT) is a new speech analytic technology evaluation series organized by NIST that will begin with a

The Metrological Basis for MOBY

Bettye C. Johnson
The Marine Optical BuoY (MOBY) is a primary source of data for System Vicarious Calibration (SVC) of ocean color satellite sensors. I will present brief

PSIAP User Interface Grant Webinar

Scott A. Ledgerwood, Jeremy E. Benson, Dereck R. Orr, Scott S. McNichol
The video is a recorded webinar about PSCR's Notice of Funding Opportunity, which was recently posted on The webinar was hosted by UI/UX Portfolio

pyPRISM Tutorial

Tyler B. Martin, Thomas E. Gartner, Ronald L. Jones, Chad R. Snyder, Arthi Jayaraman

pyPRISM Documentation

Tyler B. Martin, Thomas E. Gartner, Ronald L. Jones, Chad R. Snyder, Arthi Jayaraman

Quantifying the post-quantum security-margin of popular block ciphers

Yi-Kai Liu, Brittanney Amento-Adelmann, Markus Grassl, Brandon Langenberg, Eddie Schoute, Rainer Steinwandt
Mounting an exhaustive key search against a block cipher with Grover's algorithm requires the implementation of the target cipher on a quantum computer. We