Heat pump concepts for nZEB – Technology developments, design tools and testing of heat pump systems for nZEB in the USA, Country report IEA HPT Annex 40 Task 2, Task 3 and Task 4 of the USA

December 08, 2015
William V. Payne, Arthur H. Fanney, William M. Healy, Joshua D. Kneifel, Tania Ullah, Farhad Omar, Steven T. Bushby, Brian P. Dougherty, Dustin G. Poppendieck, Lisa C. Ng
The IEA HPT Annex 40 "Heat pump concepts for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings" deals with the application of heat pumps as a core component of the HVAC system for...

Chemical Kinetics and Photochemical Data for Use in Atmospheric Studies, Evaluation No. 18

October 30, 2015
Vladimir L. Orkin, James B. Burkholder, S. P. Sander, J. P. D. Abbatt D. Abbatt, J. R. Barker, Robert E. Huie, C E. Kolb, Michael J. Kurylo III, David M. Wilmouth, P. H. Wine
This is the eighteenth in a series of evaluated sets of rate constants, photochemical cross sections, heterogeneous parameters, and thermochemical parameters...

Order-Disorder and Phase Separation

October 28, 2015
Benjamin P. Burton
Order-disorder and phase separation in condensed solutions of two or more components are similar processes that are typically driven by energetics of opposite...

Report for Dedicated JPSS VIIRS Ocean Color Calibration/Validation Cruise

September 10, 2015
Bettye C. Johnson, Michael Ondrusek, Eric Stengel, Veronica P. Lance, Menghua Wang, Kenneth Voss, Giuseppe Zibordi, Marco Talone, Zhongping Lee, Jianwei Wei, Junfang Lin, Chuanmin Hu, David English, Charles Kovach, Jennifer Cannizzaro, Alex Gilerson, Sam Ahmed, Amir Ibrahim, Ahmed El-Habashi, Robert Foster, Robert Arnone, Ryan Vandermeulen, Sherwin Ladner, Wesley Goode, Joaquim I. Goes, Helga de Rosario Gomes, Kali McKee, Scott Freeman, Aimee Neeley
The purpose of this cruise aboard the NOAA Ship Nancy Foster was to collect in situ optical and ancillary data for validation of JPSS VIIRS satellite ocean...