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The JAR Extractor: a Soxhlet Modified Into a Large-Diameter Wafer Washer



Richard J. Sheridan, Aaron V. Kirchhoff


A closed-atmosphere, solvent-recirculating, large diameter wafer washer was fabricated for neutron reflectivity research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Manufacturing feasibility for the public sector was increased by simplicity in design; the device was made by modifying a commercially available Soxhlet extractor. The technical glassworking techniques include traditional scientific glassblowing as well as hand lapping methods. This so-called JAR extractor functions by recycling continually distilled solvent through a side mounted wafer chamber, allowing the introduction of relatively large wafers for chemical cleaning.


Sheridan, R. and Kirchhoff, A. (2015), The JAR Extractor: a Soxhlet Modified Into a Large-Diameter Wafer Washer, Fusion (Accessed June 7, 2023)
Created October 20, 2015, Updated March 23, 2017