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Feasibility of Integrating OAGIS and BPMN



Denis Gagne, Conrad E. Bock


Engineering and enterprise processes overlap in their concerns, for example, coordinating product design and customer relations. Integration of these processes provides more efficient communication and higher quality results than leaving them separated. Interoperation of standards for specifying engineering and enterprise processes is critical to integrating them. This paper contributes to this by examining the feasibility of integrating the Open Applications Group Integration Specification (OAGIS) with the Object Management Group’s Business Process Model and Notation (OMG BPMN). These standards are complementary because OAGIS provides a wide range of enterprise interaction content, including engineering, manufacturing, enterprise resource planning, logistics, and eCommerce, while BPMN defines a commonly understood diagrammatic notation for enterprise processes and interactions in general. This paper focuses on the application of BPMN to enterprise interactions specified in OAGIS. It reviews BPMN interaction diagrams to determine the best to use with OAGIS, gives a procedure for applying these diagrams to OAGIS enterprise interactions, and validates the procedure on a particular example. It also gives additional results found during the study for use in future work.
OAGI White Paper


Engineering processes, OAGIS, BPMN
Created October 22, 2014, Updated February 21, 2017