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Comprehensive Overview of Bottom-Up Proteomics using Mass Spectrometry

Yuming Jiang, Devasahayam Rex, Dina Schuster, Ben Neely, German Rosano, Norbert Volkmar, Amanda Momenzadeh, Trenton Peters-Clarke, Susan Egbert, Simion Kreimer, Emma Doud, Oliver Cook, Amit Yadav, Muralidharan Vanuopadath, Martin Mayta, Anna Duboff, Nicholas Riley, Robert Moritz, Jesse Meyer
Proteomics is the large scale study of protein structure and function from biological systems through protein identification and quantification. "Shotgun

Comparison of N-glycopeptide to released N-glycan abundances and the influence of glycopeptide mass and charge state on N-linked glycosylation of IgG antibodies

Concepcion Remoroza, Meghan Burke Harris, Tytus Mak, Sergey Sheetlin, Yuri Mirokhin, Zachary Goecker, Brian T. Cooper, Mark Lowenthal, Xiaoyu (Sara) Yang, Guanghui Wang, Dmitrii V. Tchekhovskoi, Stephen E. Stein
We report the comparison of mass-spectral-based abundances of tryptic glycopeptides to fluorescence abundances of released labeled glycans and the effects of