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This version of the USGv6 Profile and Test Program has been superseded by revision 1 of the program.   Please see USGv6 Revision 1 page for details.

NIST was tasked  [OMB-M05-22] to develop the technical basis (standards and testing) to facilitate broad US Government (USG) initiatives in IPv6 adoption.  The resulting USGv6 Program provides a standards profile and product test program to facilitate the trustworthy acquisition of IPv6 enabled networked information technology products and services.  The USGv6 Profile and USGv6 Test Program were designed to leverage and align to the maximum extent possible existing industry-led efforts on product test and certification [IPV6-ReadyIPv6-Forum] and other profiling and testing efforts at the time [DODv6].

Today the USGv6 Program is thriving with USG agencies using both the profile and test program to guide product acquisitions and accredited test labs working with the vendor community to complete and document standardized conformance and interoperability tests of emerging IPv6 enabled products.    Aspects of the USGv6 Program are referenced in other USG initiatives and policies [FAR-2005-041,  OMB-IPv6,  OMB-M17-06].

The USGv6 Program is comprised of the following key components:

For questions about the USGv6 Program, contact: usgv6-program [at]


Created April 7, 2020, Updated April 5, 2022