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Trustworthy Intelligent Networks


NIST is working with industry and academia to improve the trustworthiness and applicability of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to future networks and distributed systems.  Our research focuses on applications of AI/ML to address security and robustness issues today's networks and developing means to test and measure the robustness of AI/ML techniques necessary for future autonomic networks.


Trustworthy Intelligent Networks Project

Our current research efforts include:

  • The application of AI/ML techniques to detect abuse of the Domain Name System (DNS).
  • The development of measurement techniques to characterize the robustness of AI/ML approaches to botnet detection.
  • The application of AI/ML techniques to detect anomalies in the Internet's Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) global routing system.
  • The application of programmable measurement and distributed ML architectures to DDoS detection / mitigation.
  • The application of AI/ML techniques to network management and control.
  • The development of techniques for synthetic data generation for the evaluation of ML in networking.
  • The application of AI/ML techniques to detect phishing / malware sites on the Internet.



Created April 5, 2020, Updated June 16, 2020