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NIST actively participates as a member of the Carpentries organization for capacity building of essential knowledge in data and computational skills to further NIST's mission through research.  Through-out the year,  NIST conducts workshops based on the Carpentries curriculum for staff training and to advance valuable skills introduced to participants of the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program.  NIST has also led these workshops at other government agencies and participates in ongoing Carpentries instructor certifications through it's membership.

NIST has several staff members certified in Carpentries instruction and experienced in assisting workshop training. The Certified instructors as of July 2, 2019 include: Chandler Becker, Ian Bell, Juan Fung, Gretchen Greene, Jon Guyer, Trevor Keller, Bill Krekelberg, Arlin Stoltzfus, Zachary Trautt, and Dan Wheeler

Completed NIST Carpentries Workshop information:



Software and Data Carpentry workshops conduced at NIST are designed to teach basic computing and data skills that enable NIST researchers to get more done in less time, while also making it easier to automate and document research workflows.  These skills can allow for more rapid and reliable publication of results and facilitate information transfer between collaborators.  Workshops are held periodically at NIST and on occasion are conducted in external partnership with other government agencies.   Membership to the Carpentries organization is managed through the Material Measurement Laboratory Office of Data and Informatics.

Created July 2, 2019