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Photonic Quantum State Imaging Metrology


The project aims to develop the quantum coherence metrology based on single photon state imaging techniques that will elucidate the quantum coherence of single molecules or nanoparticles to establish the robust knowledge bases of quantum coherence phenomena towards characterization and development of future functional quantum devices.


Schematic of quantum entangled molecules or nanoparticles in dual cavity system.

Schematic of quantum entangled molecules or nanoparticles in dual cavity system.

Fundamental understanding of quantum behavior of single molecules, which is a favorable candidate for quantum information processing technologies, has advanced gradually, relying on empirical studies mostly. This requires a measurement platform to study fundamental quantum characteristics in single molecules or colloidal particles, by which superposition and coherence between the individual elements can be observed by interacting them with single photons.

To meet this end, this project aims to build up a photonic quantum coherence measurement platform comprising cavity particle trap unit and single photon quantum interferometer driven by orbital angular momentum (OAM) engineering. Developing measurement methodology and elucidating fundamental mechanism for intermolecular quantum interactions are the key challenge to obtain the understanding of quantum phenomena. Two single molecules or colloidal nanoparticles are manipulated with their quantum transitions between coherence and decoherence states which are measured by single photon metrology. High speed single photon measurement techniques are used to measure the dynamics of the quantum states between the two sperate particle systems.

The scope for this project covers gated single photon capturing, single photon interference, phase analysis at single photon level, orbital angular momentum of single photons, quantum state of optical trapping, and molecular quantum entanglement.

Created October 22, 2019, Updated October 24, 2019