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Open Source Simulation Tools for Public Safety

Screenshot of NetSimulyzer showing 3D topology and access time performance


While we employ a variety of commercial modeling and simulation software to conduct our research, we have made extensive use of the open-source simulation tool called ns-3. Using open-source software accelerates collaboration by making it easily accessible to other researchers in both industry and academia. We have developed several public-safety oriented modules to enable simulation of ProSe and MCPTT protocols. Additional models for Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) energy consumption, video applications, and scenarios have also been included and released publicly ( The work also led to the development and public release of a new visualization tool for ns-3 to assist researchers in validating and disseminating their research (

We are also collaborating with several universities to further expand the simulation capabilities to include proper management of radio link failures, wireless backhaul, and mmWave communication, NR V2X and NR sidelink (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC) and the University of Washington).   


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Wireless Systems Innovation and Performance Group

Created July 7, 2021, Updated May 9, 2022