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N42-2011 Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector

ANSI/IEEE N42.42 Standard project

This is an example of a document produced by a Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD). In this document:

  • The instrument is described via a <RadInstrumentInformation> element.
  • The gamma radiation detector (a Csl) and the neutron radiation detector (a Lil) are described by a <RadDetectorInformation> element.
  • The energy declaration of the gamma radiation detector is defined via a linear model with no zero offset and 4.0 keV/channel.
  • Two measurements, and their corresponding nuclide identification results, are recorded:
    • Each measurement consists a <RadMeasurement> element containing a spectrum from the gamma radiation detector, counts from the a neutron radiation detector, and the ambient dose equivalent rate (in µSv/H) as collected over a one second integration time; the instrument's location and operating mode are captured as well, via <RadInstrumentState>. The id attribute value assigned to each <RadMeasurement> uses a simple sequential scheme (i.e., "M112", "M113"); each child element id attribute adds a unique suffix depending of the type of element (e.g., "M112G for the <Spectrum> from the gamma radiation detector for measurement M112).
    • Immediately following each <RadMeasurement> element, the analysis results for the measurement are given by an <AnalysisResults> elements.
  • There is a fault flag for the value out of limit.

Spectroscopic personal radiation detector file:


Created March 7, 2011, Updated March 13, 2020