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ANSI N42.42 Adding Customized Data 2006 version

ANSI N42.42: Data format standard for radiation detectors used for Homeland Security - 2006 version

Adding Customized Data

This example file, a modified fragment of the survey meter/PRD example (PRD/Survey Meter), shows the use of an element not defined in this Standard. In this example, the instrument's HV setting is recorded. Two changes have been made in the <N42InstrumentData> element:

  1. A custom namespace, "PRDsRUs" is defined; this namespace is used to denote the "HV" element, which is not defined in the Standard.
  2. An XML Schema file, "PRDSchema.xsd," is associated with that namespace for use in file validation. This is optional.

The custom <PRDsRUs:HV> element is then included at the end of the <InstrumentInformation> child elements. Note that within a parent element, elements not defined in this Standard appear after all elements defined by this Standard; for example, placing the <PRDsRUs:HV> element before the <InstrumentID> element would be invalid.

PRD file with custom data

The following XML Schema file ("PRDSchema.xsd"), could be used to validate the custom element.

XML Schema defining custom data

Created May 14, 2015, Updated March 13, 2020