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ANSI/IEEE N42.42 2006 version

ANSI N42.42: Data format standard for radiation detectors used for Homeland Security - 2006 version (see 2011 version)

The purpose of the ANSI N42.42 standard is to facilitate manufacturer-independent transfer of information from radiation measurement instruments for use in Homeland Security. This standard specifies the XML data format that shall be used for both required and optional data to be made available by radiation instruments. The structure of the data is described by an XML Schema (.xsd) file. The schema file allows XML parsers to validate the format of instrument data files: it defines the standard names for data elements and attributes, whether or not they are optional or required for each class of instrument, and the hierarchical relationships between them. A graphical version of the schema (1.7 MB) is also available.

ANSI N42.42 Short Course Material, August 9, 2006.The following links give examples of the N42.42 format for each instrument type:

Simple Spectrometer

Radionuclide Identifier (XML file)

PRD/Survey Meter (XML file)

Gross Counting Portal Monitor (XML file)

Spectroscopic Portal Monitor (XML file)

Adding customized data


Created May 14, 2015, Updated March 13, 2020