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Job Opportunity: Research Associate Position, Long Wavelength Sensors and Applications

LOCATION: NIST (Boulder, Colorado), Quantum Sensors Division (687), Long Wavelength Sensors and Applications Group (13)

The Quantum Sensors Division of NIST located in Boulder Colorado is currently seeking full-time research associates to develop superconducting cryogenic sensors that operate in the far-infrared, sub-millimeter, and millimeter wavebands for applications in astrophysics, cosmology, climate science, metrology, and quantum information science. 

SUMMARY OF THE POSITION: The research associate will develop superconducting sensors and instruments for measurements in the far-infrared, sub-millimeter, and millimeter wavebands. These instruments use arrays of superconducting TESs or MKIDs that operate at milliKelvin temperatures. Opportunities for novel research include areas of detector design, optical coupling, multiplexed readout, and the integrated interplay of all such critical components. Multiple opportunities are available. In one opportunity, the research associate will support the development of cryogenic focal planes and readout for Cosmic Microwave Background experiments such as CMB-S4, LiteBIRD, Simons Observatory, and Taurus. In another opportunity that is part of a program to advance climate and weather modeling, the research associate will develop a calibrated far-infrared spectrometer that utilizes a large cryogenic focal plane coupled to a Virtual Image Phase Array (VIPA).

The work location for this position is at the NIST campus in Boulder, Colorado. The research associate will also be encouraged to travel to present results at scientific conferences and to off-site experiments where NIST-built instruments are employed.


  1. Quantum Sensors Division


  • B.S. or higher degree in Physics, Electrical Engineering or a related field.
  • Ability to work towards a common goal as part of a team with diverse expertise.
  • Passion for demonstrating new technology and new measurement capabilities.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Experience and strong interest in working with scientific software (especially python)

INQUIRIES FOR THE POSITION: Qualified candidates should submit a letter of interest describing their research background and a CV with complete list of publications to johannes.hubmayr [at] (johannes[dot]hubmayr[at]nist[dot]gov).

Created February 20, 2024