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Partnerships, Opportunities, Collaborations and Licensing in Quantum networks

The quantum network project is a result of both internal and external collaborative work. As such, we are heavily engaging with the emerging quantum industry and research institutes and seek both private and public partners. The new frontier of measurement science enabled by the project will foster innovation and best practices in quantum networking and will accelerate research and development at all technological readiness stages. Industry partners are needed to bring the NIST innovations to the market.


To ensure success of the quantum network project in the face of a diverse technological landscape and widening stakeholder base, we seek partnering with academic, industrial, and governmental institutions. The development of a useful, multi-node, and heterogenous quantum network requires the united efforts of diverse participants. We have a unique technical expertise to bring those participants together.

Industry partners: Partnering with NIST during the research phase offers collaboration with the top world scientists and engineers on the technology that is important to companies and their business objectives. Collaborators get the first option to license inventions made during the research program, provided that any commercial product that comes from that collaboration is largely manufactured in the domestically Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) are a valuable way to establish a partnership with NIST on research projects. In a CRADA, both NIST and the industry partner can contribute personnel, facilities, equipment, and other resources. (Note that NIST cannot provide funds to its CRADA partners.)

Academic partners: Academic researchers often work together with NIST scientists and engineers on emerging areas of basic and applied research and innovations. Partnering with us opens unique synergistic opportunities that could benefit the research program as a whole as well as students and postdocs who can work alongside NIST professionals. Contacting our researchers directly could be the best first step.

Government agencies: Other government agencies can fund or partner with NIST directly. For information on agreements that agencies have with NIST, please contact our External Partnerships Team: Karen Yavetz (301-975-2959) or Michael Szwed (301-975-6330).


Some of NIST-developed technologies are available for licensing. Please see additional information about licensing and a searchable list of all NIST patents.

Created February 10, 2022, Updated April 12, 2022