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Kinetic inductance nonlinear devices

Development of novel kinetic inductance nonlinear devices such as tunable resonators and kinetic inductance current sensors (KICS).

frequency tuning range graph
We have achieved 15% frequency tuning range (from 4.45 GHz to 3.87 GHz) in a high-Q tunable resonator made from 20nm NbTiN films.
kinetic inductance current sensors plot
We have further developed kinetic inductance current sensors (KICS) from the tunable resonator work and successfully readout transition edge sensors (TES) using KICS. The plot and animation show the I-V curves of a X-ray TES measured by a KICS.
An animation demonstrating the I-V curve of a X-ray TES measured by a KICS.


Created December 10, 2021, Updated December 13, 2021