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Steven T. Bushby (Fed)

Electronics Engineer

Steven T. Bushby is an electronics engineer in the Mechanical Systems and Controls Group of the Energy and Environment Division (EED) of the Engineering Laboratory (EL) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Mr. Bushby's research activities in the Embedded Intelligence in Buildings Program including the development of national and international standards for integrated building automation systems, automated fault detection and diagnostics for HVAC system components, automated commissioning tools for HVAC control systems, and developing a testbed for studying the interaction of multiple building control systems in "cybernetic" buildings.

Mr. Bushby provided a leadership role in developing the BACnet communication protocol, which is now an American national standard, an ISO standard, a European Community standard, and a national standard in over thirty countries. He is a past chair of ASHRAE SSPC 135, the committee that developed and maintains the BACnet protocol and Chair of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group for ISO TC 205, which is developing ISO standards for various aspects of digital control systems. Mr. Bushby created and managed the BACnet Interoperability Testing Consortium, a cooperative research and development agreement between NIST and 22 private sector partners whose lead to the establishment of BACnet International and an industry run testing and listing program for BACnet products in both the United States and Europe.




Mr. Bushby has received several awards including the Department of Commerce Bronze Medal in 1992 for his work in developing the BACnet protocol; a Hammer Award from Vice-President Al Gore in 1996 for his work applying BACnet technology in government buildings; the NIST William P. Slichter Award in 1996 for outstanding work to improve NIST's ties to industry; the ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award in 2004;  ASHRAE Fellow in 2008; ASHRAE Exceptional Service Award in 2015 and the Edward Bennet Rosa Award for outstanding achievement in the development of meaningful and significant engineering standards in 2009 and again in 2017.


Development of a Hardware-in-the-loop Testbed for Laboratory Performance Verification of Flexible Building Equipment in Typical Commercial Buildings

Zhelun Chen, Jin Wen, Steven T. Bushby, Caleb Calfa, Yangyang Fu, Gabriel Grajewski, Yicheng Li, L. James Lo, Zheng O'Neill, Vance (Wm.) Payne, Amanda Pertzborn, Zhiyao Yang
The goals of reducing energy costs, shifting electricity peaks, increasing the use of renewable energy, and enhancing the stability of the electric grid can be

An Analysis of the Hybrid Internal Mass Modeling Approach in EnergyPlus

Zhelun Chen, Jin Wen, Steven T. Bushby, L James Lo, Zheng O'Neill, Vance (Wm.) Payne, Amanda Pertzborn, Caleb Calfa, Yangyang Fu, Gabriel Grajewski, Yicheng Li, Zhiyao Yang
Accurate simulation of building system dynamics is particularly important for understanding building energy flexibility. Among all dynamics in a building, a
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 19, 2023