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Stephen W. Banovic (Fed)

Stephen W. Banovic is a materials research scientist in the Metallurgy Division of the Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory, NIST. His current research focuses on the fundamental linkages between microstructure and the mechanical response of advanced light-weight materials for automotive applications and innovative ballistic materials.

His research interests include microstructural characterization, measurement of crystallographic texture of thin film and bulk materials, and failure analysis. He has expertise in materials development and characterization through corrosion testing (thermogravimetry), mechanical testing (tensile, biaxial stretching, charpy, hardness, varestraint), diffraction techniques (electron backscatter, x-ray), and microscopy (light optical and electron microscopy, electron probe microanalysis, quantitative image analysis).

Processing experience includes casting, electrodeposition, heat-treatment, thermal spray, welding, and sheet metal forming across numerous material systems. Additionally, he has been involved in root-cause failure analysis and action plan development since 1994.


Dynamic Flow Stress Measurements for Machining Applications

Steven P. Mates, Eran Vax, Richard Rhorer, Michael B. Kennedy, Eric P. Whitenton, Stephen W. Banovic, Timothy J. Burns
Metals undergo a combination of rapid loading and rapid heating during normal and high speed machining processes. Constitutive models for these materials
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022