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Experimental Characterization of the Plastic Deformation Behavior of AA5754-0 Sheet Metal



Mark Iadicola, Stephen W. Banovic, Timothy J. Foecke


Numerical simulation of plastic deformation in sheet metals can give insight to potential problems and solutions in metal forming operations. However, experimental data that span the broad range of anticipated deformation are limited and rarely track the multi-scale nature of plastic yield. In order to correct these deficiencies, a modified version of the Marciniak flat bottom punch test is used to achieve a range of in-plane strain states (from equi-biaxial through plane-strain to uniaxial), while simultaneously measuring stress using a unique in situ X-ray diffraction system. Crystallographic texture and surface roughening measurements are taken on similar specimens deformed to multiple intermediate strain levels to develop a better picture of the underlying microstructural development and its interaction with the evolving plastic deformation behavior. The resulting muti-axial stress-strain curves and microstructural characterization are reported for a lightweight aluminum alloy (AA5754-O) of recent interest to the automotive industry.
Journal of Neural Transplantation & Plasticity


Iadicola, M. , Banovic, S. and Foecke, T. (2008), Experimental Characterization of the Plastic Deformation Behavior of AA5754-0 Sheet Metal, Journal of Neural Transplantation & Plasticity (Accessed May 28, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008