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Serghei Drozdov (Fed)

Application Engineer

Serghei Drozdov is an Application Engineer from Georgetown University who works at NIST as a guest researcher. He received B.S. in Computer Engineering (2012) from University of Maryland and has interned at NIST's Semiconductor Metrology group (2011-2012). Serghei is currently part of the Smart Connected Manufacturing Systems group and is focused on developing a discrete-event simulator for manufacturing processes: Simantha ( ). 

Selected Publications

Channel Length-Dependent Series Resistance?

Jason P. Campbell, Kin P. Cheung, Serghei Drozdov, Richard G. Southwick, Jason T. Ryan, Tony Oates, John S. Suehle
A recently developed series resistance (RSD) extraction procedure from a single nanoscale device is shown to be highly robust. Despite these virtues, the

Physical Model for Random Telegraph Noise Amplitudes and Implications

Richard G. Southwick, Kin P. Cheung, Jason P. Campbell, Serghei Drozdov, Jason T. Ryan, John S. Suehle, Anthony Oates
Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) has been shown to surpass random dopant fluctuations as a cause for decananometer device variability, through the measurement of a


Jason P. Campbell, Serghei Drozdov, Kin P. Cheung, Richard G. Southwick, Jason T. Ryan, John S. Suehle, Anthony Oates
In this work, we examine a series resistance extraction technique which yields accurate values from single nano-scale devices. The series resistance values


Created September 22, 2021, Updated December 9, 2022