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Sally S Bruce (Fed)

Quality Manager, NIST Measurement Services

Sally currently serves as the Vice Chair of the NIST Measurement Services Council.  She is also serving as the Chair of the SIM Quality System Task Force.  The task force is the standing body, within the regional metrology organization for the Americas, responsible for ensuring that peer reviewed quality management systems are fully implemented by the National Metrology Institutes within the Americas and Caribbean. 

As the Quality Manager for NIST’s Measurement Services, Sally is responsible for the implementation of the NIST Quality Management System (QMS) by:

  • Ensuring that the NIST Quality Management System is fully implemented for the calibration and measurement capabilities of NIST that are published in the Key Comparison Database (under the CIPM MRA) and provide quality system coverage for the measurement services that NIST provides to its customers and stakeholders
  • Organizing and scheduling the 5-year NIST-level QMS assessments per the requirements of the CIPM MRA and SIM 09;
  • Conducting a NIST-wide evaluation of individual Division management reviews and produces a report on the health of the NIST QMS as well as a period report on the gap of measurement needs vs measurement services available for our customers and stakeholders;
  • Maintaining document control for NIST-QM-I and making the current version retrievable from the NIST website;
  • Following through on timely completion of any revisions of NIST-QM-I such as those required by any changes that occur in applicable international standards such as ISO 17025, ISO 17034 and ISO 17043;
  • Reviewing the NIST quarterly quality reports and provides a cumulative summary quarterly report to the Associate Director for Laboratory Programs, the Laboratory Directors, and the Division Chiefs/Office Directors; and,
  • Ensuring that NIST assessors and NIST employees who serve as Peer Reviewers for other NMIs are trained.

Sally is a qualified lead assessor for the ISO 9000 series of quality management systems, is a Peer Evaluator for accreditation bodies throughout the regions of Asia Pacific and the Americas using the ISO/IEC 17011 standard.  She is also a Peer Reviewer for National Metrology Institutes within the Americas, for quality systems based on the ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 17034.

Sally previously served as the Chief of the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) from 2006-2011. NVLAP is the accreditation body that NIST administers.

She was previously a NIST metrologist who performed Optical Radiation Measurements and Calibrations.



2022 MML Accolades, Service and Support to NIST MML, For developing the MML Metrology Quick Start Guide, a collaboratively-developed resource applicable to all in our pursuit of excellence in measurement science. Group award.

2021 B. Stephen Carpenter Award, For leadership in quality management for national metrology institutes and advancing information systems of the International System of Units: Ms. Bruce,  NIST’s first Quality Manager, is recognized for her work in modernizing and leading the implementation of NIST’s quality management system across NIST laboratories; her leadership of the Inter-American Metrology Organization’s (SIM) Quality System Task Force;  and her efforts in advancing the information systems of the Bureau International des Poids et Measures (BIPM) during an onsite detail. Quality management systems such as NIST’s are a necessary component for the recognition of national measurement competencies. Ms. Bruce’s contributions serve as a role model for quality managers of national metrology institutes internationally. Her outstanding leadership and contributions prompted Ms. Bruce’s nomination and election to chair the SIM Quality System Task Force.  The B. Stephen Carpenter Award, established in 2017, is granted for outstanding achievements or contributions in building ties between NIST and the international measurement community, including other national metrology institutes and international organizations who play a role in the global measurement system.

NIST - DOC Bronze Medal Award in 2005 for developing the NIST Quality Management System and for achieving its international acceptance.

NIST - DOC Bronze Medal Award in 1995 for developing the NIST Quality Management System supporting the calibrations provided by the Radiometric Physics Division.



The NIST Plan for Providing Public Access to Results of Federally Funded Research

Katherine E. Sharpless, Regina L. Avila, Sally S. Bruce, Wo L. Chang, Robert M. Dimeo, Virginia Covahey, Alan K. Dohne, Heather M. Evans, Aaron P. Fein, Donna J. Kimball, Andrea M. Medina-Smith, Alan E. Munter, James K. Olthoff, Dianne L. Poster, Kathleen M. Roberts, Susannah B. Schiller, John H. Scott, Barbara P. Silcox, James A. St Pierre, Mark D. Stiles
Documentation of the evolution of NIST's plan for providing public access to results of federally funded research is provided, including the plan itself
Created October 9, 2019, Updated August 21, 2023