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Information Sharing: The Functionality and Features of the Optical Technology Division's Web Presence



J Hurlocker, Sally Bruce


The Optical Technology Division is one of six technical divisions in the Physics Laboratory at NIST. As a provider of standards, services, and research, our customers, collaborators, constituents, and stakeholders are located virtually every where. The worldwide web continues to expand the reach and ability of the Division to provide information on a continuous basis.Our external web site provides an overview of the research programs, projects, facilities, activities, and accomplishments of the Optical Technology Division. We have included information regarding our products and services, Postdoctoral Research opportunities, listings of upcoming workshops, conferences, and short courses, and have included Portable Document Format (PDF) copies of our publications when they are available. We have also provided a technical point of contact on each web page to facilate access to our staff members. The external site consists of over three hundred pages. The number of visitors to the site has been steadily increasing.Over the past year, the Division's web presence has expanded to include an internal web site. The internal website uses database technology to facilitate the maintenance of some of the individual pages and features.An on-line publications library has been developed as a new feature of the external website. Visitors to the website can search publications by author, title, and topic. Approximately 300 publications are available in PDF.This paper describes the functionality of the two web sites and will include examples of the features of the web sites.
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database, internet, internet on-line, web, web site


Hurlocker, J. and Bruce, S. (2017), Information Sharing: The Functionality and Features of the Optical Technology Division's Web Presence (Accessed June 14, 2024)


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Created June 28, 2017